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ASQ membership makes you part of a global community of individuals who strive for perfection. You connect with others who have similar goals to become smarter, faster and better in their careers and lives.

You can join as an individual member or your organization can join. Either way, you gain access to the many benefits available to international ASQ members.

Quality Progress – Receive ASQ’s monthly magazine which includes case studies, practical advice and in-depth articles about what's happening in quality. The magazine is also available online, so international members can access it right away without having to wait for international shipping.

  • ASQ Weekly – Our members-only electronic newsletter contains the latest information on quality and special offers on ASQ products and services.
  • Member Rates – Receive special pricing on our certification exams, select training, Quality Press books and more!
  • Library – Take advantage of free information searches from our research library, and receive special rates on external research fees.
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