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ASQ Individual Membership


The Power of Membership.

Individual ASQ membership connects you with a diverse, global network of quality thought leaders, experts and resources you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Increase your quality knowledge with unlimited access to tools and information.
  • Advance your career to the next level with our professional development tools.
  • Find the solutions to all of your quality challenges, big or small.
  • Meet, communicate and collaborate with your peers within the quality community through a variety of networking opportunities.

All you need to advance in your quality knowledge and career is here — in one place — for you! Become a member today to get the tools to help secure your future in quality!

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Professional Membership

Professional membership ($169 USD annual 12-month*) provides all the learning and networking opportunities, professional development, and knowledge exchange ASQ offers. Whether you’re looking online, in person or in print, you’re sure to find what you need.

  • Membership in a local Section.
  • Membership in any or all of ASQ’s 26 Technical Communities.
  • A subscription to ASQ’s monthly Quality Progress magazine.
  • NEW - Digital subscriptions to Journal of Quality Technology and Quality Management Journal.
  • Discounts on the latest quality related books and publications.
  • Member pricing on courses, conferences and personal certifications to help you advance your career.
  • Voting rights on Society issues and in Society elections.

Whether you’re new to the quality movement or a long-time practitioner, ASQ’s Professional membership can make a profound difference in your life and career.


Student Membership

Student membership ($31 USD annual 12-month*) gives full-time students access to quality news, tools resources, networking and training opportunities. Whether you’re looking to build your professional network to meet a mentor, find a job or increase your quality knowledge, joining ASQ helps you on your path to professional success.

  • Membership in a local Section.
  • Membership in any or all of ASQ’s 26 Technical Communities.
  • An online subscription to ASQ’s monthly Quality Progress magazine.
  • Access many of the benefits of Professional membership at a significantly reduced rate.

You must be a full-time student at an accredited university or college. (6 year Maximum)


*All member dues are in U.S. dollars. Dues are for one year and subject to change without notice.  

Advanced MembershipS

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