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Global State of Quality

Global State Research Overview

ASQ has partnered with APQC to produce an unprecedented research project called the ASQ Global State of Quality Research. This project has focused on gathering input on quality-related practices from organizations of various revenue sizes from a core set of countries. These countries represent more than 75 percent of the world’s GDP and provide us with the first comprehensive analysis of quality and continuous improvement worldwide. Among other benefits, this data can help you understand and address employee skill gaps, improve processes to reduce waste and lower costs, and ensure a high standard of product quality. As the pace of global business change accelerates, this study provides knowledge you can’t afford to ignore.

In many ways this groundbreaking research attempts to truly understand how quality is not just talked about, but how it is used by organizations of different sizes and locations around the world. ASQ recognizes the inevitable “gap” between organizations in various countries. And we also recognize the important role we must perform in filling it. By asking the questions, stating the problems, and focusing on the solutions in the Global State, ASQ endeavors to advance the world’s understanding of and appreciation for what quality is and does in business and industry today, and what continuous improvement can mean for countries and communities tomorrow.


ASQ is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools to make our world work better. With millions of individuals and organizational members of the community, ASQ has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations, and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges. As stewards of worldwide quality knowledge, ASQ is ideally suited to spearhead the unprecedented Global State of Quality Research study. ASQ is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, with Regional Centers in China, India, and Mexico. Learn more about ASQ’s mission, technologies, and training at asq.org.


ASQ is joined by APQC, a nonprofit organization located in Houston, TX. An internationally recognized resource for process and performance improvement, APQC helps organizations adapt to rapidly changing environments, build new and better ways to work, and succeed in a competitive marketplace. With a global focus on productivity, knowledge management, benchmarking, and quality improvement initiatives, APQC works with its member organizations to identify best practices, discover effective methods of improvement, broadly disseminate findings, and connect individuals.

Founded in 1977, APQC is a member-based nonprofit serving more than 350 of the global Fortune 1000 companies and numerous government organizations worldwide.

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