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Policies - D - Divisions and Interest Groups

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Policy Number Title
D 01.00 (PDF, 84 KB) Divisions – Operation and Governance
D 01.01 (PDF, 62.4 KB) Division Management Agreement
D 01.01 Appendix A (PDF, 59 KB) Division Management Agreement Guide
D 01.03 (PDF, 81 KB) Removal of Division Officers
D 02.00 (PDF, 77 KB) Formation of New Divisions Policy
D 02.01 (PDF, 78 KB) Formation of New Divisions Procedure
D-4 (PDF, 92 KB) Division Treasurer & Auditing Committee Guidelines
D-5 (PDF, 78 KB) Formation of Interest Groups
IG 052 (PDF, 106 KB) Charges, Rules and Regulations for Interest Groups
IG 053 (PDF, 77 KB) Selection and Approval of
Interest Group Chairs and

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