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Future of Quality


Q & A

What is the Future of Quality Report?

The ASQ Future of Quality Report is a collection of essays from some of the leading minds in areas of import and interest to today's and tomorrow's quality practitioners. These essays offer insights into manufacturing, services, customer experience, quality management, education, healthcare, government, internet security, and city planning. The Future of Quality is assembled to be read in its entirety or as a reference guide, as you pick and choose your areas of interest.

ASQ has proudly published seven Future of Quality reports since 1996. The Future of Quality is published every three years and is ASQ's oldest ongoing research project.

How is the 2015 Future of Quality different from past editions?

The first six reports centered about forces of change that were developed through a delphi study with ASQ members and experts around the world. The 2015 edition, Quality Throughout, differs from its predecessors in that prominent thought leaders examine the future of several trend areas impacting quality. Authors include Izabel Christina Cotta Matte (Chief Strategic Planning and Budget Officer of Porto Alegre, Brazil), Jonathan Zittrain (author of The Future of the Internet—And How to Stop It), Greg Watson (Corporate Governance, Quality at the Top), and Noriaki Kano (Guide to TQM in Service Industries).

What are the findings of the 2015 report?

We have assembled a two-page summary of the report for your review.

How do I learn more about the Future of Quality?

An effective way to go more in-depth with the ideas expressed in The Future of Quality Report is to schedule a presentation through The ASQ Speakers Bureau.

Future of Quality

Read perspectives on the future of quality from within and beyond the quality field.

Future of Quality Report

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