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Economics of Quality

Explore the in-depth research that helps link quality to the bottom line.

About the Rising Economic Power of Quality



The insights and commentary found in this report are derived from both a survey and qualitative interviews. Partnering with ASQ, Forbes Insights conducted a global survey of 1,869 senior executives and quality professionals in March 2017. Of this group, 1,000 came from Forbes’ executive database and 869 from ASQ’S database. For identification purposes, Forbes respondents are labeled as “senior executives” in this report and ASQ respondents are labeled as “quality professionals".

In addition to the survey, Forbes Insights conducted in-depth interviews with top executives and thought leaders. They note that to succeed, quality initiatives need to be woven into every part of the organization, irrespective of industry. The shift to digital enterprises is bound to transform organizations’ approaches and perceptions of quality or continuous improvement—from a focus on products to more emphasis on brand value, data and software delivery. As of today, there is little consensus on digital, as most quality professionals have not incorporated digital initiatives into their scope of responsibilities. The report closes with a forward look at this next frontier—quality in the digital era.


ASQ is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. With millions of individual and organizational members of the community in 130 countries, ASQ has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges. ASQ, with its world headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, operates regional centers in the U.S. and Canada, South Asia, and Latin America. Learn more about ASQ’s members, mission, technologies and training at asq.org.

Forbes Insights

Forbes Insights is the strategic research and thought leadership practice of Forbes Media, a global media, branding and technology company whose combined platforms reach nearly 75 million business decision makers worldwide on a monthly basis. By leveraging proprietary databases of senior-level executives in the Forbes community, Forbes Insights conducts research on a wide range of topics to position brands as thought leaders and drive stakeholder engagement. Research findings are delivered through a variety of digital, print and live executions, and amplified across Forbes’ social and media platforms. For more information, visit www.forbes.com/forbesinsights.


The Rising Economic Power of Quality


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