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World Conference on Quality & Improvement

May 12 - 15, 2024  |  San Diego, CA

Monday, May 13, 8:30 AM PST

Freddie Ravel 

Freddie Ravel
Internationally Acclaimed Business Success Expert, Virtual & Live Performer of Rockstar Keynotes & Grammy Pianist to the Stars

The Music Of Leadership

This presentation will take you on a deep dive into the role of “melody” within music and its’ power as the central message to bring life to your products and services. When leaders “sing” a better future, inspiration resonates across the entire company’s culture.

Freddie Ravel is a world-renowned entertainment speaker, rock star performer and GRAMMY-nominated Keynote Maestro who combines his expertise for business breakthroughs and virtuoso piano performances with a clear and concise application of music’s communicative and scientific powers to inspire, ignite and elevate the minds, and potential of audiences around the globe.

Revealing the musical keys of communication to unlock the superpowers of peak performance and engagement, he’s guided individuals and businesses to push beyond their goals through live events, personal coaching and his signature “Keynote Concerts" in 80+ countries around the world.

As the founder of Life In TuneTM, Freddie directed the band that bridges black and white America - Earth, Wind and Fire, played piano with Madonna on the silver screen, rocked stadiums with Carlos Santana, jammed with Prince at the Grammys and led the teams Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Deepak Chopra, J Lo and Lady GaGa to become the expert’s expert on multi-cultural and generational integration.

As a featured author alongside Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali and Stevie Wonder, Freddie had the honor to work directly with the family of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to release “Open My Eyes, Open My Soul.”

Freddie’s speaking and music careers would merge in 1997 to create a first ever music- applied-to-behavior system called Life in TuneTM.

His Fortune 500 clients describe this customized experience as a “keynote combined with a musical performance, riveting TED Talk and LIVE action demo rolled into one!”

Dubbed the “Keynote Maestro” by the City of Los Angeles for "renewing the national and international economy,” Freddie’s clients include IBM, Blue Cross, Apple and NASA who call his down-to-earth approach the “ideal balance of Entertainment and Content” revealing music as the ultimate multi-tasking power tool to enhance our daily lives.

Officially knighted by the Knights of St. John, champions of hospitals and health care for the past 1000+ years, Life in TuneTM has transformed sectors across Media, Tech, Healthcare, Wellness, Diversity and Inclusion, Communications, Financial Services and Social Impact to serve as a sustainable paradigm where business, entrepreneurship and the human condition transform from dissonance to harmony.