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ASQ’s Salary Calculator

QP Cover December 2023ASQ's salary calculator can help know your worth and learn your market value by letting you compare salaries, providing customized salary estimates—within seconds—based on real, reliable data from the 2020-2023 ASQ Salary Surveys. The calculator is an exclusive offering to ASQ members.

Start by selecting from variables that can affect your salary—job title, years of experience, number of ASQ certifications and geographic location, to name a few—to discover your earning potential.* Let the ASQ salary calculator contribute to your career development playbook.

*Results are based on the database of respondents to the 2020-2023 salary survey questionnaires. Data used in the calculator are limited, and certain combinations of variables may not produce intuitive results.

Also note that as variables are increasingly narrowed, choices may be minimized on the database of respondents (you won’t be able to select them).


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