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Road Map for the Baldrige Journey (e-book)

Road Map for the Baldrige Journey (e-book)

A Guide to Effective Use of the Criteria for Performance Excellence and Baldrige-based Award Programs

Joe Kilbride

PDF, 176 pages, Published 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780873891974
Item Number: E1497

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  • Baldrige
  • Baldrige Criteria
  • Leadership


While the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence are one of the most widely known assessment frameworks in the world, interest in the Criteria has ebbed and flowed over the years. In part this may be due to the fact that applicants are often on their own when it comes to determining how to use the Criteria and award programs in an efficient and effective manner. This difficulty is somewhat by design, since the Criteria are non-prescriptive. The requirements are presented as more than 200 questions written in a generic manner to enable their application by all types of organizations. They do not tell leaders what to do to meet the requirements, which is both good and bad. While it allows organizations to develop processes to respond to the Criteria in ways that meet their unique needs, this has created a barrier for some leaders.

This book provides a detailed road map and systematic process to design and implement a customized operating model for performance excellence based on the Criteria. The road map includes regular use of state award programs for feedback to enable mid-course correction. Though recognition is not its primary purpose, following this road map also increases the likelihood of being recognized by these award programs. The approach presented here will not guarantee an award, but it will help an organization’s leaders use the Criteria and award programs more efficiently and effectively as an aid to organizational transformation and improvement.

"It is true, organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are getting. The Baldrige framework is an operating model that guides organizations to establish key processes that are proven to yield high reliability. The framework, however, can be intimidating. Kilbride’s Road Map clearly explains and provides ‘doable’ steps to apply the Baldrige Criteria and become more process-honoring. It is a compilation of the valuable education, guidance, and support Joe provided us on our journey."

  • David Fox, President and Pattie Skriba, VP Business Excellence
    Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
    2010 Baldrige Award Recipient

  • "The Baldrige journey of continuous improvement never ends. For such a journey you need a knowledgeable co-pilot, and Joe Kilbride has helped many organizations, examiners, judges and others pursuing excellence to navigate that journey. His expertise is priceless and the Road Map makes him your virtual co-pilot. I hope you will take the first step today; excellence awaits."

  • Bob Barnett
    Retired CEO, Motorola CGISS
    2002 Baldrige Award Recipient

  • "Surviving the challenges of today's global competition requires having a long-term plan..... and a road map to get there. Here is the essential companion for a successful journey."

  • David Boulay
    Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC)