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Innovation Never Stops (e-book)
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Innovation Never Stops (e-book)

Innovation Generation – The Culture, Process, and Strategy

Peter Merrill

PDF, 268 pages, Published 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-912-3
Item Number: E1486

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The world of innovation is exciting. Welcome to the future, and be aware of the big lesson of this book, which is now its main title: innovation never stops.

Innovation is going through the “growing up” phases that quality went through 20 years ago, although, not surprisingly, it is growing up much faster. Quality left behind the myth that quality was the job of the quality department and became quality management. Innovation is leaving behind the myth that innovation is solely the job of R&D and is now discussed in terms of innovation management.

This second edition includes:

  • New material on the forces of change as the prime driver of innovation
  • Discussion of the relationship of innovation and quality
  • Explanation of the need for innovation management and a management system approach to innovation
  • Additional material on creativity and idea creation, or “ideation”
  • New material on management of risk as it is tied to the metrics of innovation