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Lean-Six Sigma for the Public Sector
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Lean-Six Sigma for the Public Sector

Leveraging Continuous Process Improvement to Build Better Governments

Brandon Cole

PDF, 190 pages, Published 2011
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-806-5
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Organizations are continuously trying to improve by reducing cost, increasing customer satisfaction, and creating an environment of empowered employees who continuously strive for excellence in each process and product. In much the same way, governments are continuously required to do “more with less,” enhance budget and organizational performance, and identify innovative ways to increase their impact.

There are challenges to applying the Lean-Six Sigma (LSS) tools in the public sector. Examples of these challenges include hierarchical environments, a lack of common goals, and the complexity of working in the public sector. The information included as part of this book provides over 30 spotlights highlighting project examples, lessons learned, and tips and tricks for using LSS in the public sector. These spotlights are based on interviews facilitated with a robust sampling of senior operations strategy practitioners.

The LSS methodology focuses on eliminating waste (lean) and then reducing variation (Six Sigma) in a process or product that contains no waste. The information covered in this book will allow someone to have an immediate impact in any public sector organization. It describes some of the most powerful continuous process improvement tools that can be used, with limited training required. This is further enhanced by showing direct correlations to the LSS tools and the challenges that will be faced.

Because the public sector spans such a diverse range of organizational charters (such as transportation, education, and defense), this book does not focus solely on either manufacturing or services. Rather, it provides a balanced approach to utilizing LSS in all environments.