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Process Management in Education
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Process Management in Education

How to Design, Measure, Deploy, and Improve Organizational Processes

Robert W. Ewy, Henry A. Gmitro.

PDF, 120 pages, Published 2009
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-757-0
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Managing processes is not just one of the keys to educational improvement, but the key.

Applying the concepts, guidelines, and practices related to process management as described in this book would create the kind of school district the Department of Education policy goals are rightfully determined to achieve. Ultimately, success or failure in school districts is about managing processes, it has always been about managing processes, and it always will be about managing processes. The purpose of this book is to help you understand that reality and give you the tools to act on that understanding.

The book is organized into two sections. The first section is devoted to introducing the concepts of process management and providing examples of how those concepts are used to design, measure, deploy, and improve processes. The second section is devoted to examples of process flow charts. Flow charting processes is one of the most valuable activities a process manager can facilitate. Our intent is to give the process manager a head start in designing flow charts for district level processes. The flow chart examples are not provided as the best possible way to design processes, but as examples of what thoughtful professional educators and support staff can create when given the task of designing a process.