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The Making of a World Class Organization (eBook)

The Making of a World Class Organization (eBook)

E. David Spong, Debbie J. Collard

PDF, 96 pages, Published 2008
ISBN: 9780873896009
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  • Baldrige
  • Boeing
  • aerospace


Using a unique blend of stories, tips, charts, and tables that can be adapted to any organization, this book shares the stories, wisdom, and “silver bullets” gained by two divisions of the Boeing Corporation as they won the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award. The “silver bullets” are the kernels of management wisdom that set this book apart and provide the simple insights that anyone can adopt. This book uses a systems perspective to provide solutions that will inspire leaders to champion such approaches, while also providing tried and true details and “how-to” applications to the in-house practitioners and consultants.

Whether you are looking for tools and techniques to make your organization and processes more effective, or you are starting from scratch, this book provides you with a set of proven approaches to achieving excellence. The insights into excellence and the Baldrige journey that Spong and Collard have mastered have allowed their organizations to celebrate with great processes, loyal customers, engaged employees, high quality products and services, and significant profitability.


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"David Spong is a hero from among the quality gurus of our time...and more than expounding on successful principles, he has practiced them and achieved the highest level of success with them. His and Ms. Collard's book describes their journey, highlights the key criteria and issues they had to address, and provides excellent insight into the 'behind the scenes' debates and agreements that occurred to lead Boeing to demonstrate their absolute and unwavering dedication to the Baldrige framework to start their journey before and continue their journey beyond winning the National Quality Award for manufacturing (1998) and service (2003)."

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