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The Desk Reference of Statistical Quality Methods, Second Edition (e-book)

The Desk Reference of Statistical Quality Methods, Second Edition (e-book)

Mark L. Crossley

PDF, 560 pages, Published 2007
ISBN: 9780873897297
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´╗┐Arranged in alphabetical order for quick reference, this book provides the quality practitioner with a single resource that illustrates, in a practical manner, how to execute specific statistical methods frequently used in the quality sciences. Each method is presented in a stand-alone fashion and includes computational steps, application comments, and a fully illustrated brief presentation on how to use the tool or technique.

A plethora of topics have been arranged in alphabetical order, ranging from acceptance sampling control charts to zone format control charts. This reference is accessible for the average quality practitioner who will need a minimal prior understanding of the techniques discussed to benefit from them. Each topic is presented in a standalone fashion with, in most cases, several examples detailing computational steps and application comments.

This second edition includes new sections on advanced SPC applications, reliability applications, and Simplex Optimization. There are expansions in the sections on process capability analysis, hypothesis testing, and design of experiments.