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The Logical Thinking Process (e-book)
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The Logical Thinking Process (e-book)

A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving

H. William Dettmer

PDF, 448 pages, Published 2007
Dimensions: 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-87389-723-5
Item Number: E1315

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  • Goldratt's theory of constraints
  • evaporating cloud
  • current reality tree


A major rewrite of Dettmer's classic Goldratt's Theory of Constraints, this new edition presents a whole new approach to building and applying logic trees. The logical thinking process referred to in the title is nothing less than a broadly applicable, systems-level approach to policy analysis.

Dettmer has streamlined the process of constructing the logic trees while simultaneously ensuring that the results are more logically sound and closer representations of reality than ever before. He explains an easier, more logically sound way to integrate Current Reality Trees with Evaporating Clouds. His new version of the thinking process "retires" the Transition Tree in favor of the marriage of a more detailed Prerequisite Tree and critical chain project management.

This book contains new examples of logic trees from a variety of real-world applications. Most of the diagrams and illustrations are new and improved. Explanations and procedures for constructing the logic trees are considerably simplified.

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