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Transactional Six Sigma for Green Belts (eBook)

Transactional Six Sigma for Green Belts (eBook)

Maximizing Service and Manufacturing Processes

Samuel E. Windsor

PDF, 168 pages, Published 2005
ISBN: 9780873893923
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Though originally introduced by the manufacturing sector, Six Sigma is rapidly gaining the attention of many companies in the service sector. From employees of health insurance providers and credit card companies to uniform service providers, this book will give them a better understanding of the flow of the Six Sigma process and what tools to use when, as well as the proper way to use each tool. Author Sam Windsor looks specifically at the tools that the Six Sigma green belt is expected to use, explains the purpose of each, and provides examples that are designed to provoke thoughts for possible application.

Readers will also learn about process measures, measuring process capability, relating inputs to outputs, optimizing processes, and holding gains. Included in the appendices are a real case study of a Six Sigma project undertaken to reduce employee turnover, a brief guide to using Minitab and Excel for data analysis, a null hypothesis table, and a glossary.