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International Women's Day Celebration

WIQS 2020 Recordings Available March 8 - 31


International Women’s Day is March 8!

You are invited to an encore presentation of the 2020 Women in Quality Symposium. From March 8-31, ASQ is offering complimentary access to panel discussions exploring professional and personal development strategies, mentoring and leadership. Join ASQ in recognizing the unique and meaningful achievements of women in the quality community and celebrating the all-female leadership of ASQ’s Technical Community Council, Geographical Community Council, Board of Directors and ASQE’s Board of Directors in 2021.


ASQ’s inaugural Women in Quality Symposium provided a unique avenue for women to establish meaningful connections, identify professional and personal development strategies, and be recognized for their unique capabilities to lead in a convenient, connected virtual space.  
From March 8 – 31, ASQ is offering an encore presentation of the Symposium, offering free access to the event that celebrated and shared insights into the unique and meaningful achievements of women in the quality community.  


The inaugural Women in Quality Symposium offered an inspirational environment in which women tapped into their authentic selves and explored ways to move past common barriers to professional and personal growth.  

Recognizing the unique characteristics women bring to the quality community, the Symposium convened quality peers for meaningful discussions on finding inspiration through purpose, identifying management styles, crafting a personal growth strategy, negotiating effectively, and practicing inclusive leadership. The inaugural Women in Quality Symposium became a catalyst for networking, skill refinement, and empowerment for women at all stages of their quality careers.  


From Surviving to Thriving: Aligning Purpose, Passion, and Service
This conversation outlines meaningful ways to create a mentoring network (formally or informally) and establishing work-life integration in today’s evolving employment landscape.

Identifying Leadership Attributes Inherent in Women
Recognizing leadership—and following those who exhibit its key traits—can lead to a more diverse and inclusive work culture. This panel offers a discussion of what it means to be a trailblazer, and how to integrate key traits into one's own personal strategic planning. 

Addressing Obstacles in Career Growth
Empowerment can come from many sources: Confidence, an appetite for risk-taking risks, knowing when to say ‘no’, and recognizing unconscious/implicit gender bias in the workplace. Conversations centered around this focus supports the cultivation of an authentic sense of self.