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Lean and Six Sigma Conference

February 18-20, 2024 | Phoenix, AZ

Monday, February 19
1:30 PM MST - 2:30 PM MST 

 Alex Weber-Keynote

 Alex Weber
 Award-Winning Speaker, Author, TV Host, and American Ninja Warrior


Unstoppable: Leaders Achieving Lasting Impact

What would you do if you were UNSTOPPABLE? What could you lead? Who might you become? What could you achieve? Everyone hits setbacks, fears, and failing – but not everyone knows how to overcome their challenges with a reliable and consistent system. So most people hesitate, delay, or stop altogether. And with it, they lose valuable time, energy, resources, and even give up on their goals. Not on Alex Weber’s watch!

Key outcomes:

*How to be at your best in the most high-stakes situations for top performers and leaders.
*A battle-tested, reliable, and consistent System for Achievement in any season.
*Setting ambitious goals that actually matter and bringing them from “idea land” into reality.
*How to use challenges as a tool to help you become unstoppable, increasing self-belief, confidence, excitement, and purpose.
*Managing Emotions, and increasing Mental Well-Being • Stories to inspire and anchor transformational lessons, with practical strategies you can use again and again.
*Impactful Leadership keys to connect, cultivate, and challenge people when they need your Unstoppable Leadership.
*A deeper enjoyment and fulfillment in your work, your relationships, and your life!


Alex Weber
Award-Winning Speaker, Author, TV Host, and American Ninja Warrior
is an American Ninja Warrior, Award-Winning Leader & Entertainer positively inspiring millions to achieve breakthrough success! Not only does Alex talk the talk as an in-demand international speaker, but he’s also walked the walk as an elite competitor on NBC’s Emmy-nominated series American Ninja Warrior. Well, more like, leaped the leap! This wildly popular TV show has sparked a global phenomenon to the extent that hundreds of thousands of people apply, and only a few hundred are given the rare opportunity to compete. Alex is the only person to host and compete on NBC American Ninja Warrior. Alex’s greatest passion is championing your highest potential by helping you find your edge, because success is about more than just knowing what to do, it’s knowing how to do it. Alex shows top professionals and leaders how to bring their very best every day, and to the most high-stakes situations that can make or break your success. It's his sincere understanding of peak performance and peak challenges, mixed with inspiring stories and actionable strategies that makes Alex unforgettable and your human shot of espresso. With his contagious energy and passion, Alex shares his game-changing secrets to record-breaking success!