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Lean and Six Sigma Conference

February 18-20, 2024 | Phoenix, AZ

Tuesday, February 20
3:30 PM MST - 4:30 PM MST 

Jia Jiang-Keynote 

Jia Jiang

World’s Foremost Authority on Rejection, Top Inspirational and Resilience Keynote, Most-Viewed TED Talk Speaker, Toastmasters Golden Gavel Winner, Bestselling Author of Rejection Proof 

The One Action Goal: Achieve Big by Doing Only One Thing

Why do we usually fail in achieving our goals? “The bigger the outcome, the bigger the failure rate,” says Jia Jiang. “That’s why New Year’s resolutions usually fail, and why businesses always get too busy to stay focused.” Jia’s proven solution: simplify success by relentlessly focusing on one thing—what he has named the One Action Goal. Drawing from his upcoming book, The One Action Goal: Achieve Big by Doing Only One Thing, and more than a decade of coaching clients to success, Jia provides a playbook for achieving any personal, professional, or organizational goal. Determined to put success within everyone’s reach, Jia shares his One Action Goal System, including:

*Turning ambitious objectives into your One Action Goal.
*Routinizing your dreams and fail-proofing your environment.
*Using your One Action Plan to accelerate your ideas.
*Developing radical focus on your One Action Goal.
*Overcoming barriers to achievement with a framework for success. 

Highlighted by Jia’s signature humor and storytelling talent made famous in his “100 Days of Rejection” TED talk and acclaimed book, Rejection Proof, this highly motivational talk outlines a path to success that anyone can achieve. Audiences are electrified by Jia’s passion for empowering their dreams—gaining game-changing tools that they can immediately put into action.

Jia JiangRising to notoriety with his most-viewed TED Talk (top 200 out of 60,000), What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection, which became the basis for his bestselling book and #1 audio book, Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection, Jia Jiang has become the world’s foremost expert on rejection. A top-booked speaker, Jia is the sought-after authority on empowering confidence and resilience, overcoming one’s fear of rejection, and daring to be bolder in both life and career. His upcoming book, The One Action Goal: Achieve Big by Doing Only One Thing, expands on his mission to help anyone overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams and goals by adopting his breakthrough One Action Goal system. Jia’s tenacious (and often, humorous) journey from teenage Chinese exchange student to entrepreneur and high performance, personal development guru has captivated Fortune 500 audiences such as Google, Dell Technologies, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Allstate and others. He consistently earns rave reviews and the personal thanks of audience members who credit Jia with changing their lives.