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Collaboration on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries Forum

March 12 - 13, 2024

2024 CQSDI: Quality's Reach across the enterprise in the age of accelerating disruption


The 31st CQSDI delivers content that is of interest to a broad range of quality and engineering professionals and is ASQ’s longest running Division event.

The theme for this event is Quality's Reach Across the Enterprise in the age of accelerating disruption. Consistent with previous events, the CQSDI will consist of both panel sessions and concurrent interactive workshops over the two days with an additional day of NASA content at the NASA Quality Leadership Forum.


Sonya Ebright

                  Sonya Ebright          DCMA Deputy Commander

Robert Hauge
                 Robert Hauge          President, Space Logistics LLC

Sean Vogel   

                 Sean Vogel              Lockheed Martin Space Safety & Quality Assurance VP

Marisela Reyes
               Marisela Reyes       Executive Vice President, Boeing Defense, Space & Security Total Quality


Ronnie Rodriguez

              Ronnie Rodriguez   NASA SES

Chris DeLuca

             Chris DeLuca          Retrd Col           

Mike W

            Mike Wadzinski    Director, Safety, Quality and Mission Assurance, MDA

John Strizzi

            Col Jon Strizzi     Space Force

and more to come!

Panel Topics

  • Quality Intelligence: Practical Insights on the Future of Quality Assurance in Aerospace and Defense.
  • Lessons learned and how they apply to today's environment.
  • Supply chain (SCRM) risks, opportunities & factors to consider.
  • Young Quality Professional’s Early career learning from stories vs “I told you so” Communicating to the young quality professional.

Workshop Topics

  • Partnering with The Supply Chain – How can we help our Suppliers Be Successful through Teaming and Collaboration
  • How to implement Quality early in the project lifecycle.
  • Successful Strategies to Enable a Quality Culture.
  • Disruptive Technologies in Quality, Advancing the digital transformation journey with Quality
We will also have a number of senior level Keynote and Featured Speakers from NASA, MDA, DCMA, JPL, Commercial Space companies, Space Force and Aerospace Industry Partners. We look forward to seeing you in 2024!

Quality Leadership Forum (QLF) is back!

Registration is now open at https://sma.nasa.gov/sma-disciplines/quality/qlfThere is no cost to attend the QLF.
NASA Safety Center will host Quality Leadership Forum on March 14th, 2024, immediately after CQSDI at the same venue.

The QLF brings together Quality professionals, engineers and industry leaders from organizations in the aerospace, space and defense sectors. The event will foster collaboration, enable the sharing of best practices and facilitate discussions on the latest advancements in the Quality field.

The QLF will include keynote speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities. Participants can anticipate gaining valuable insights into emerging Quality trends, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative approaches to ensure safety and reliability within the space and aerospace sectors.

QLF registration is open to NASA, other government agencies and industry. 

Agenda sessions include:

•  Keynote Speaker: Bob Conway

• Consequence of Dried-Out ESD Workstations Post Pandemic

• NASA EEEE Parts Management and Electronic Parts Engineering School

• Columbia Lessons Learned

• NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Responsibilities in a Changing Landscape

• Early Career Quality Professional Lessons Learned

• Mishap Lessons for Moon and Beyond

•  The Future of NASA Quality Assurance and Industry Requirements

•  NASA Supply Chain Risk Management to Assure Mission Success

•  Model-Based Acquisition, Government, and Industry Group Overview

• Process Capability Supplier Surveillance

• AM and Supplier Data Monitoring 

The NCTS Conference Code is in progress and will be provided to those who register for the event. Click here to register for QLF 2024. 

Previous QLF presentations can be viewed here: https://sma.nasa.gov/sma-disciplines/quality/qlf 





Event Location

Radisson Hotel Conference Center
8701 Astronaut Boulevard
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920


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