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Collaboration on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries

March 11 – 12, 2019  |  Cape Canaveral, FL   


New Frontiers: Equipping Quality Professionals for the future


New Frontiers: Equipping Quality Professionals for the future

This event will feature high level industry and government keynote and featured speakers, along with relevant panel topics and workshops. NASA will hold its Quality Leadership Forum (QLF) following CQSDI on March 13 – 14 at the same venue.

Forum Panel Topics:

  • Cyber physical system security: control of satellites in space, UAV hardware, Malware.
    This panel discussion emphasizes solutions using a holistic approach to cyber physical systems security from a systems engineering perspective. The discussion will include the common lexicon of terms and metrics to assess vulnerabilities associated with design of the system resulting in a more robust and resilient Cyber Physical Security. The discussions will address gaps in the resiliency of hardware assurance and security from persistent and dynamic threats to cyber physical systems.
  • Introducing new technologies in Quality Control: New tools/Virtual Tools/, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing
    As new technologies are developed and moved from lab to full-scale production, the quality aspects of those technologies must be understood and developed as well. This panel will explore lessons learned in roll-out of new quality control technologies and development of quality control for new technologies.
  • Equipping Quality Professionals for the future in Commercial Space
    Today’s commercial space environment has shifted from a primarily government assurance model to a shared accountability/assurance model. This shared assurance enables greater transparency, communication and collaboration toward a common goal. On this panel, representative stakeholders and participates will share their vision and experiences related to Quality initiatives that illustrate the shared accountability/assurance model.
  • Attracting Young SMA Professionals
    In a continuation of last year’s successful panel, we will discuss the need for attracting young professionals to Safety, Mission, and Quality Assurance. This two-part (fresh perspective and recruitment) panel will consist of up-and-coming talent, hiring staff, and educators. The audience will hear directly from young professionals to identify factors that may draw or repel them. The target of this panel is to provide intelligence and tools, enabling defense and aerospace employers to attract the young contributors essential to bridging the gap with much of the current workforce.


  • Counterfeit parts regulations and impacts, implementation of CF prevention plan and compliance to DFARS
  • Mission Assurance in Commercial Space versus Government Space - A Suppliers Perspective
  • Expiration of AS9100 impact to suppliers: RevD of AS9100 management of that requirement: managing changes and implementation within an organization
  • DCMA and industry collaboration to reduce waste and improve oversight

Keynote Speakers:

  • Department of Defense
  • Industry
  • NASA 

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New content being added to this important event

In addition to our traditionally outstanding line-up of speakers and panelists, we will be offering several high-relevance training/workshop Sessions this year.

NASA Quality Leadership Forum (QLF)

NASA Quality Leadership Forum (QLF)

March 13 and 14th, 2019
Radisson at the Port • Cape Canaveral, FL

ASQ Aviation, Space and Defense Division and NASA Headquarters Office of Safety and Mission Assurance (OSMA) team up each year to host two back-to-back conferences, CQSDI and QLF.  These are important and unique knowledge sharing and networking events for the NASA-DoD-Contractor quality discipline community.  NASA OSMA and ASD coordinate to ensure that the two programs are complementary and not duplicative.

Featured topics include Human Factors & Risk Management; Hardware QA Implementation on Mars 2020 - Challenges Faced Mitigating Risks.

Other topics that will be presented at the QLF:

  • Overview of the Department of Energy Supply Chain Requirements
  • Smart Manufacturing and Space Systems
  • The Future of Quality in an Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) World
  • Facilitating NASA Project’s Use of Defense Contract Management Agency for Government Contract Quality Assurance (GCQA)
  • Electrostatic Discharge Control in the NASA STD-8739.6
  • Premature Wear of the ‘Curiosity’ Mars Rover Wheels
  • Mentoring Early Career Hires
  • Quality Policy Refresh: Upcoming changes to NPD 8730.5 and NPR 8735.2
  • Achieving Excellence in System Integration and Data Science World
  • Hints for How to do a Quality Standdown
  • Using the Peer Review Process for Continuous Quality Improvement
  • NPR 7120.8 in Practice at Wallops Flight Facility
  • Lab Certification program at Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Lessons from Balloon Experimental Twin Telescope for Infrared Interferometry (BETTI) Close Call

The themes for 2019 QLF will address quality engineering (QE) and quality assurance (QA) in the areas of mission tie-ins and mission contexts; NASA OSMA perspectives and policy development status; QE and QA discipline knowledge and tools; and Leading people.  Time will be given to encourage and facilitate professional networking and coalition building among the attendees.

There is no fee or cost associated with QLF attendance. Interested attendees will be asked to register for the event by signing up on the QLF website (https://qlf.jpl.nasa.gov/), or by sending an email to Diana Shellman. For additional questions, please contact Diana Shellman at diana.l.shellman@jpl.nasa.gov.

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