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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the vetting process take?

The vetting process will span two to four weeks per course. The candidate is responsible for determining the amount of self-preparation time they need to successfully vet to the ASQ course content. Please note that content amount and complexity vary by course. We recommend that candidates invest in the self-preparation they need to attain proficiency with the material.

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Can I be vetted to teach multiple courses?

Yes, an applicant can be vetted to teach multiple courses. We recommend that you select up to three courses in year one. Each course takes two to four weeks for the vetting process to complete. The self-preparation time varies by course.

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When will I receive materials to begin preparing for the Train the Trainer and Teach Back sessions?

ASQ course materials will be sent at least one week prior to the initial Train the Trainer session with an ASQ Subject Matter Expert. Materials will be sent electronically.

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Who will vet me to the content?

An applicant is evaluated by their Train the Trainer subject matter expert and ASQ staff, who actively participate as students.

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What are the deciding factors for being approved for ASQConnEx?

All applicants will go through the ASQConnEx vetting process and will be measured by the same criteria. The applicant will receive a blank copy of the ASQ Evaluation Rubric in advance of the Teach Back session. The ASQ Evaluation Rubric includes the following: instructional preparation, class management, delivery, assessment, professionalism, and expertise.

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Are there fees associated with joining ASQConnEx and when are fees collected?

There is an application fee which is due in advance of the ASQConnEx vetting process. There is also an annual license fee to access the benefits of the ASQConnEx network. The initial annual license fee is due upon successful completion of the ASQConnEx vetting process. Fees are tiered based on size of training organization. Licensure models are available for organizations and institutions falling outside of the tiers.

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How can I market myself using ASQConnEx?

Approved Experts will be provided a marketing toolkit, including a distinct digital badge which can be utilized to promote their business and identify as an ASQConnEx Approved Expert. Digital badging and ASQConnEx logo may be used on the Expert’s social media and website under the brand guidelines. Additionally, Experts will receive branded asset templates and collateral which will assist in the sales and marketing process. Official branding guidelines and marketing assets will be available after license fee has been paid and vetting process has been successfully completed.

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Will my profile appear on the ASQ.org website?

By becoming an ASQConnEx Approved Expert, your profile with digital badge will appear within the official ASQConnEx Directory on ASQ.org. Organizations seeking training will be able to find you within the ASQConnEx Directory based on their search criteria. From there, an organization can directly connect with you to discuss the needs of their organization. The ASQConnEx Directory will be live in Q4 2021.

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Who will be my point of contact at ASQ?

Applicants and ASQConnEx Approved Experts are assigned a dedicated ASQ Channel Manager to support them throughout the application, vetting, and onboarding processes.

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Not finding your question here? Please send general inquiries regarding ASQConnEx to asqconnex@asq.org.

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