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Lean Foundations

Format Face-to-Face

Help your company remain competitive, innovative, and profitable in today’s business environment by learning the basics of lean and how to use lean techniques, tools, problem-solving framework, and PDCA and A3 to organize and manage lean improvement projects that address organizational problems and improve performance.

This three-tiered, lean training curriculum is designed to teach new and/or less-experienced lean practitioners how to reduce waste and increase organizational efficiency and apply the learnings to lean projects. The curriculum is comprised of three separate, interrelated courses:

  • Day 1: Lean 101: Introduces you to the basics of lean to begin building your foundation.
  • Days 2–3: Lean Problem-Solving Tools: Learn how to use the lean problem-solving framework and tools to address organizational problems and improve performance.
  • Days 4–5: Applied Lean: Provides you with the ability to apply lean tools and methods (leveraging PDCA and A3 within a project scenario) to review, analyze, and solve case study-specific business problems in manufacturing and service/transactional organizations.
  • Course Data

    • CEU Hours: 0
    • Length: 37 Hours
    • ASQ RU: 3.7
    • Audience: Academic, Executive, Practitioner, Professional
    • Provider: ASQ
    Course Overview

    Learning Objectives:

      Day 1: Lean 101
    • Describe basic lean terms, principles and concepts.
    • Differentiate between Value Added and Non-Value Added activities.
    • Recognize the eight sources of waste.
    • Apply fundamental lean tools and techniques in a simulated factory setting.
    • Describe relationships between inventory and process lead time.
    • Describe the difference between “Tactical” and “Strategic” lean.
    • Identify common obstacles and keys to success.
    • Day 2–3: Lean Problem-Solving Tools
    • Problem recognition, description, and definition typical of those in their organizations.
    • The most efficient and effective problem-solving methodologies, techniques, and tools given the circumstances.
    • Methods for implementing and sustaining solutions.
    • Simple and practical ways to gather data to verify the effectiveness of the solutions implemented.
    • Days 4–5: Applied Lean
    • Identify the appropriate lean principles, concepts, and methods to apply to a given organizational improvement opportunity.
    • Describe the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA) and how it used to effect lean improvements.
    • Describe A3 and how it is used to organize and manage lean improvement projects.
    • Use PDCA and A3 to successfully complete a lean improvement project.
    • Lead a lean improvement project within your organization, correctly applying lean principles, concepts, and methods to achieve improvements.
    • Create a standard, repeatable approach to subsequent organizational lean improvement projects.

    Who Should Attend:

    New and/or less-experienced lean practitioners in all departments can apply the methodologies, techniques, and tools discussed across all three courses to solve business problems and improve workplace performance.
    Day 1: Lean 101
    I. Welcome
    II. Simulation Overview
    III. Introduction to Lean
    IV. Implementing Lean Techniques and Tools
    V. Summary

    Day 2–3: Lean Problem-Solving Tools
    I. Introduction
    II. Recognizing, Describing, and Defining Problems
    III. Problem-Solving Methodologies
    IV. Lean Problem Solving
    V. Identifying Causes
    VI. Understanding the Causes
    VII. Developing the Solution
    VIII. Implementing and Sustaining Solutions
    IX. Summary

    Days 4–5: Applied Lean
    I. Introduction
    II. Why Are We Here Today?
    III. PDCA and A3
    IV. Simulated Project
    V. Project Workshop
    VI. Summary


    This is a five-day, instructor-led, face-to-face series of courses.


    Participant guide for each course
    Cancellation Policy
    ASQ reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses and to change instructors. Please be advised that in the event of a course cancellation, ASQ is not responsible for airfare penalties or other travel related expenses you may incur.

    If you need to cancel, we will refund your paid registration fee as noted below.
    • Requests for cancellations or transfers to another course offering received at least 30 calendar days before the start of the course can receive a full refund or transfer.
    • There are no refunds within 30 calendar days before the start of the course.
    • Requests to transfer to another course offering received between 29 and 10 calendar days of the course starting incur a $150 processing fee.
    • There are no transfers within 9 calendar days before the start of the course.
    • There are no refunds if the content has been accessed.
    • Enrolled students who fail to attend their registered course without advance notice are liable for the entire course fee.
    • IMPORTANT: Some courses are delivered by ASQ’s partners and have separate cancellation policies. Please refer to the product page for exact information or contact Customer Care at [email protected].

    Enrollment Details

    Format: Classroom
    Format: Face-to-Face

    An instructor-led traditional classroom experience. Classroom-based instruction involves the highest level of instructor/student interaction. We offer classroom style training in two formats. See public and on-site.

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