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Unleash Quality
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Unleash Quality

Build a Winning Strategy for a Culture of Quality that Will Unleash Your Growth and Profit Potential

Arron S. Angle

Softcover, 153 pages, Published 2019
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-87389-983-3
Item Number: H1559

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  • behavior-based quality
  • quality strategy
  • role of quality
  • quality implementation
  • culture of quality
  • quality management
  • process improvement
  • profit
  • cost savings


Quality has been around for years—why would it need to be unleashed? The truth is, the power of quality comes from actions that stem from behaviors—behaviors that apply to every department within a company. In other words, a company’s culture.

For years, these behaviors have been restrained. Quality has been focused in segments of a company’s population, rather than applied to every department from top to bottom.

This is where most companies fail in their deployment of quality—by not treating it as a cultural imperative. The aim of this book is to provide guidance on how to correct that in your organization. Inside, you’ll find what you need to implement a cultural transformation that will drive long-term sustainable growth and improvement to your organization’s bottom line.

You’ll start by learning the aspects of a behavior-based quality culture and how to unleash an organization’s potential by adopting and promoting the behaviors and actions associated with compliance, prevention and improvement. Once this is unleashed, real sustainable profit generation begins.

You’ll then move into how to implement a behavior-based quality culture at your organization. This will include:
  • Recommendations on strategy development.
  • Considerations for organizational structure.
  • How to build metrics by department that drive change.
  • How to maintain a behavior-based culture of quality.
Who should read this book? There is truly something in here for everyone.
  • Executives: This book provides foundational knowledge and a how-to approach to unleash quality to achieve bottom-line results.
  • Quality professionals: Use this book as instructional material for staff and managers about the power of quality.
  • Managers: Apply the knowledge from this book to set the pace for a behavior-based quality culture at your organization.