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ASQ Board of Directors to Set Direction, Provide Leadership for Global Organization

Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 2, 2019 — ASQ has named its 2019 board of directors, which includes members from organizations of various industries worldwide.

The board represents the Society’s worldwide membership, supports ASQ’s growth, and is responsible for the oversight of the organization. The board’s responsibilities include adopting a strategic plan and budget, setting direction, providing resources, approving policies, and more.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., ASQ is the leading authority on quality, with regional service centers globally.

Directors include:

  • Benito Flores, Chair, Universidad De Monterrey
  • Elmer Corbin, Past Chair, IBM Corp.
  • Austin Lin, Chair-Elect, Google
  • Mark Moyer, Treasurer, Moyer Consultant Group, LLC
  • Sylvester (Bud) Newton Jr., Geographic Communities Council Chair, Arconic Corp.
  • Daniella Picciotti, Technical Communities Council Chair, QMS Alliance
  • Edwin Garro, PXS Performance Excellence Solutions
  • Christianna Hayes, Purple Innovations
  • Jane Keathley, Keathley and Company, LLC
  • James Kittredge, Adaptimmune US
  • Scott Moeller, GI Supply
  • Luis Morales, Verizon Telematics Inc.
  • Nancy Nouaimeh, Abela & Co.
  • Susan Peiffer, HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital
  • Gideon Roth, Cabiran
  • Paulo Sampaio, Universidade do Minho
  • Lars Sorqvist, Sandholm Associates and the Royal Institute of Technology
  • Wanda Sturm, Bearded Fox Brewing Company
  • Vijai Venkata, Daikin
  • Allen Wong, Abbott Nutrition

About ASQ

ASQ, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. With individual and organizational members in more than 140 countries, ASQ has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.

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