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Learn to Embrace Disruption and Lead Innovation at ASQ’s 2018 Quality 4.0 Summit

Milwaukee, Wis., July 31, 2018 — Organizations striving for excellence must learn new processes, unlearn outdated practices, and reconsider past assumptions to thrive in an ever-evolving climate of technology advancements and change.

ASQ’s 2018 Quality 4.0 Summit on Disruption, Innovation, and Change — held Nov. 12 – 13, in Dallas — will provide organizations invaluable insights into the exponential growth of disruptive technologies and the changes those technologies are bringing to the workplace.

“Technological changes — like artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and more — require organizations of excellence to be more adaptable, more agile and more innovative,” ASQ CEO William Troy said. “ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Summit theme, Organizational Excellence in the Digital Age, is driven by the need for organizations to embrace the disruption and take steps to position the organization for excellence.”

The summit will focus on four areas, including:

  • Industry 4.0 – Learn about the new forces of change in organizations, markets, and the future of work.
  • Digital Transformation – Examine the methods, models, and frameworks organizations can use to successfully navigate today’s digital transformation.
  • Managing Change – Explore how to position your organization for change, implement needed changes, and address the fast pace of change.
  • The Future of Quality – Uncover opportunities for quality professionals to lead innovation and to embrace disruptive technology’s impact on the quality function and profession.

For more information and to register for ASQ’s Quality 4.0 Summit, visit asq.org/conference/quality-4-0.

About ASQ

ASQ, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., USA, is a global community of people dedicated to quality who share the ideas and tools that make our world work better. With individual and organizational members in more than 140 countries, ASQ has the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.