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ASQ Member Gifts are an exclusive benefit for all ASQ members. Each monthly gift bundle addresses a specific quality hot topic, method, or tool and can include dozens of valuable resources from ASQ’s vast and ever-growing knowledge repository including in-depth expert webcasts, complete Quality Press eBooks, journal articles, industry case studies and benchmarking reports, and downloadable templates.

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ASQ Member Gifts are emailed to members on the first business day of each month, and the most current edition can always be accessed from this page.

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Digital Transformation Member Gift

MAY 2023

Leadership and Teams 

In this gift, we’re including webinars, articles, case studies, and ebooks on topics such as conflict management, leading in exponential times, building high-performance cultures, and developing new leaders. With insights from experienced professionals and practical tips on how to optimize your team's performance, these resources are sure to provide valuable guidance to anyone looking to improve their leadership and teamwork skills.


Member Gift Archive

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  • April 2023  — SCM and Supplier Quality Management
  • March 2023  —  Design Thinking and DFSS
  • February 2023  —  Problem Analysis Tools
  • January 2023 — Career Success in 2023
  • December 2022 — Year-End Recap
  • November 2022 — Digital Transformation & Optimization
  • October 2022 — Lean & Six Sigma Tools and Culture
  • September 2022 — Auditing Fundamentals to 4.0

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