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Member Gift

ASQ Member Gifts are an exclusive benefit for all ASQ members. Each monthly gift bundle addresses a specific quality hot topic, method, or tool and can include dozens of valuable resources from ASQ’s vast and ever-growing knowledge repository including in-depth expert webcasts, complete Quality Press eBooks, journal articles, industry case studies and benchmarking reports, and downloadable templates.

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ASQ Member Gifts are emailed to members on the first business day of each month, and the most current edition can always be accessed from this page.

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Digital Transformation Member Gift

January 2023

Career Success in 2023!

In this gift, we share a great selection of resources to help you develop the skills you’ll need in 2023 to become more marketable and competitive now and into the future.

We start you off with our newest Salary Survey report, which reveals important insights into what makes for a more purposeful and profitable quality career. Along with that report you’ll get featured articles and a new webcast overview of the report from the lead researcher himself. Then we jump right into a new suite of expert videos, articles, benchmarking reports, and ASQ services on learning the skills and gaining the knowledge that will prepare you for the many changes coming to manufacturing, quality improvement, and quality management in various industries.

Apply this knowledge to start 2023 with a much brighter outlook, position, and income!


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