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Frequently Asked Questions - Standards

Is there a way to receive updates when a new standard comes out?

Not at this time. ASQ is currently working on this feature but does not offer it yet.

Is there a listing of current standards so I know what the latest versions are?

Not at this time. ASQ is currently developing this feature but it is not available yet.

If I purchase an e-standard can I print it or share it on my company network?

No, you can purchase a hard copy for print.The ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9000 Series Standards are available for posting on your company's local area network or Intranet.

What steps does my company need to take to achieve ISO certification?

ASQ is currently developing this information for its Web site but it is not available yet.

How much will it cost my company to become certified?

This varies depending on each company's situation. ASQ is currently developing information to help guide you, but it is not available online yet.

Can I copy a portion of the standard for a training class I am leading at my company?

You must request permission to reprint or reproduce any of ASQ's copyrighted materials. The online form is at https://prdweb.asq.org/forms/Reprints/RequestPermission. Please note: Filling out the form does not constitute receiving permission. ASQ will contact you with details.

Are the standards available in languages other than English?

ASQ standards are distributed in English only. We sell some standards developed by other organizations which are available in other languages, but this varies by standard. For information on a specific standard please contact Customer Care at 800-248-1946 (United States and Canada only) or 414-272-8575 or e-mail [email protected].

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