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ASQ Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit

September 28 – 30, 2020  |  Virtual Event

Drafting a Digital Transformation Blueprint


By aligning quality practices with the digital environment, Quality 4.0 connects people to machines and machines to data. Companies that successfully navigate a digital transformation see significant value chain improvements across customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and company culture, but the number of enterprises currently embracing Quality 4.0 remains low. The reason? Drafting a successful Quality 4.0 plan can be complicated, with many quality professionals unsure or even unaware of the tools required to frame out the project. What’s more, most Quality 4.0 initiatives are typically led by IT or engineering departments rather than quality teams, preventing effective change from the ground up.

At the 2020 Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit, quality professionals and organizations will learn how to map a surefire digital transformation strategy and become architects of a resilient, successful project that is built to last.

Recertification Units

ASQ credential holders qualify for recertification units by participating in Recertification Activities that relate to competency and knowledge requirements of your Certification. Participants of the Quality 4.0 Virtual Summit receive 3.0 RUs (1 RU per day).  Please keep a copy of your registration confirmation as proof of participation in this event as a Recertification Activity for inclusion in your Recertification Journal.

Visit the Recertification page for more information.  If you need further assistance contact events@asq.org.

In addition to full access to the live event schedule, Summit registration includes extended on-demand access to Concurrent Sessions, Lunch and Learns, Workshops, Q-talks and the Solutions Exchange. ASQ member attendees have access through Sept. 30, 2021; non-member attendees have access through Oct. 31, 2020


Focus Areas

The Quality 4.0 Framework                                                                                                                             

What is Quality 4.0, and how will it impact quality professionals and organizations? Discover the building blocks of Quality 4.0 including common terms and definitions as well as implementation plans necessary for a successful program. Topics include:

  • A working definition of Quality 4.0
  • Quality’s 4.0 connection to Industry 4.0
  • Best practices for adoption
  • The quality team’s scope and roles before, during, and after implementation
  • Technologies shaping Quality 4.0 trends

Human vs. Artificial Intelligence:  The Juncture of People and Tech

As technological advances continue to impact quality roles, new skill sets will be needed to manage the digital disruption. Recognize the essential role people play in automated process and understand the role data plays in enhancing the human-technology relationship. Topics include:

  • The impact of advances in machine learning, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and digital twins
  • Evaluating skill gaps and emerging skillset requirements in quality teams.
  •  Assessing organizational readiness for an AI integration

The Culture Keystone                                                                                                                                    

Understand how organizations can build a cultural foundation that encourages innovation, reduces risk, and creates an enterprise-wide commitment to quality at every level. Topics include: 

  • Cultural maturity in an organization
  • Training teams in quality culture
  • Measurement, monitoring, and document control programs
  • Establishing a customer-centric organization

The Lighthouse Series 

Explore leading-edge approaches to quality program implementation and get insight into how industry frontrunners leverage best practices, emerging technologies, and advanced statistical tools to enhance results. Topics will include:

  • Digitization and digital quality management systems
  • Big data and analytics
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR/VR
  • Supply chain
  • Emerging standards

2020 Quality 4.0 Summit


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