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Abstract:In the past three years, approximately 65% of those taking ASQ certification exams passed. While avoiding common mistakes is important, it is just as important to understand why these mistakes happen and plan a strategy for preventing them. Tips are provided to help candidates avoid the pitfalls encountered when planning, preparing for, and taking an exam. Sidebar articles give a history of ASQ certification, qualifying for recertification, and how to get involved in the development of ASQ certification …

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This article provides practical tips for the strategy to prepare for the ASQ Certifications. I used the tips for my first certification in 2014 and now I have four certifications, thanks to the practical suggestions and strategy.
--Arul Murugesa Pandian, 10-22-2017

if possible provide me list of books for certification for Certified auditor exam.
--Debashish Tapadar, 10-09-2016

Great information and advice!
--Gabrielle J Zerilli, 02-10-2016

a well researched all inclusive article on exam taking! Thank you very much. These reminders will be of great help to me as I prepare for my first ASQ certification exams in March.
--Ime Umolu, 01-12-2015

Thanks for the excellent tips
--Fady Malaty, 01-09-2014

Thanks for your precious time and patience in providing this excellent article. Thanks again for all your guidance. Happy to share that I have passed CSSGB successfully.
--Amar Kokkanti, 06-09-2013

Thank you very much for such a detail article about the ASQ exams preparation. After these wonderful tips, I am ready to prepare for my first exam. Thanks again!!
--Martha Bsary, 03-25-2013

excelente articulo con puntos claves para el examen
--José Alaluna, 03-09-2013

Thank you for sharing, this is a very useful article, they have really helped me.

--Ong, 03-08-2013

Very informative, Wonderful.
Thank you so much!
--Esan Ariam, 02-08-2013

Very nice article and lot of worth information.
--Mohinder Bansal, 11-27-2012

Very well thought-out article. I appreciate the candor.
--adriane Evans, 11-03-2012

Excellent article. Very well structured. I can relate to this, many time having over confidence and lot more other references. A must for every exam taker to feel confident in taking any exam.
--Pradeep Chopra, 05-26-2012

Thanks for the article! Very informative!
--Joao, 03-09-2012

Nice and informative article. I am sure this would be a great help to all exam-takers.
--Krishnamohan, 10-16-2011

A very helpful, well-written article. I used a lot of the advice from this article in taking (and passing) the ASQ CSSGB exam in June 2011. I used the QCI and ASQ materials in the exam, and the suggestion of making a cross-reference table (while it seems obvious) was right on. Very few people had a cross-reference table and were frantically trying to find the source to help with a question, while I easily flipped to the right page. Highly recommended reading to any first-time ASQ exam taker.
--Eric Gemunder, CSSGB, 08-10-2011

This is of great help. Thanks!
--Komala , 04-10-2011

As a quality professional and member of ASQ (with four ASQ certifications) who spends time facilitating for ASQ refresher courses, and developing quality awareness and practices in others on and off the job, I find this information very important and a great resource for individual understanding and development. Govind Ramu presents a lot of great information I had to find out over numerous years. The content speaks volumes.
--Roashion Persadie, 03-16-2011

Wow, what an excellent article!! Absolute must read for exam-takers, especially for the first-timers. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful article, Govind. Please keep writing more.

Thanks and regards,
--Jayanthi Thangavel, 03-15-2011

A must-read!!!
--Emmanuel Tenkorang, 01-12-2011

Outstanding. I advise all exam takers to use this article as a planning guide for their exams.
--Riyad Al Awad, 12-04-2010

This is a very useful article and will help me in my preparation for the CQE exam.
--Srilata, 10-07-2010

Really excellent stuff. Surely will help in long run in pursuing the commitment toward quality development & improvement.
--Parag Pradhan, 10-04-2010

Excellent article. Felt bad that I did not read it before my SSBB exam, which happened yesterday.
--Parag Pradhan, 10-04-2010

I rate this article a 5 (outstanding). I consider it to be a must reference for anyone who's going to take an ASQ exam.
--Rafael Eden Ortiz Federico, 07-18-2010

This guide is absolutely first-rate in all aspects. I'm glad I found it. The tips were very helpful. I will continue to use them in the future. Bravo and thank you.
--A.E., 06-19-2010

Very useful information and guiding tips for ASQ exams. I always make it a point to discuss these tips with first-timers.
--Arun giare, 06-05-2010

Excellent article. Thanks for sharing.
--Dawood Mirza, 05-26-2010

Very informative and useful article to approach ASQ exams in a very professional manner and avoid failure.
--Ashok Gunasekaran, 02-02-2010

Excellent article & very helpful for new fellows.
--Gulshad Ahmad Sandhu, 01-30-2010

Thanks! This article is what I was looking for to help me to prepare for my CQI exam. I am an international ASQ member, and I am glad to know that I can use my dictionary during exams because french is my national language.
--Hyppolite, 01-27-2010

Excellent article, particularly for those who have yet to take an exam.
--Andre Breton, 01-25-2010

I have personally used Govind's guidelines and checklist last year for two of my certification exams, CSSGB and CQM/OE, and each time it has been an excellent aid and helped me pass.
--Zubair A.Khurshid, 01-22-2010

Wonderful, the article was perfectly worded and gave fantastic advice. I've taken the CQE and CBA and have basically used the principles mentioned in the article and plan to use the same techniques again March 6 taking the CMQ/OE. Thank you for the article.
--D Campbell, 01-22-2010

Thank you so much Govind. This is a landmark article for thousands of applicants.
--Anshuman, 01-21-2010

This is excellent advice, a confidence builder. I have a clearer idea of how to prepare for the exam. Good work, Govind Ramu, and thanks.
--Getachew Degefu, 01-20-2010

Sound advice across the board, thank you!
The 'Six Sigma Study Guide' was also extremely useful for the Black Belt certification exam, because it provided good examples of question and answer content, topic, and format.
--John K. Watson, 01-18-2010

Taking a certification exam always requires a disciplined approach. Specifically for the first timers to ASQ certification exams, the task is overwhelming, as the BoK is wide and generic enough to be applicable to many industries. This article summarized the author's experiences into well-defined approaches, such as planning and preparation, exam strategy and exam taking. After reading this article, I am confident the readers will be able to put together a good plan for their exam preparation and test taking.
Thanks to the author, Mr. Govind Ramu, for sharing his thoughts and experiences in this article. Great job Govind.
--Ramesh Konda, 01-17-2010

Excellent, this article has helped me decide to take a certification exam with a clear idea of how to prepare for it.
--D.Santillanes, 01-14-2010

Absolutely fantastic..
--Naveen, 01-13-2010

Great advice in preparing for this type of exams. In 2009, a group from my organization committed ourselves and received our CQI and CQT in support of many new quality initiatives. It was a very rewarding experience in a team environment.
--K.J. Stotz, 01-12-2010

Good advice for taking any type of exam or test. The 30-60-90 rule is a good idea and should be a helpful tool.
--tim jones, 01-12-2010

This article was well written and very informative. I received my CQE in 2000 and am planning on taking the CMQ/OE in March. This article was very timely and will help me in my preparation for my upcoming exam.
--L. Bonneville, 01-12-2010

Excellent. Only today, I started planning to take ASQ examinations, and this article is an excellent resource for guidance.
--S.S.Narayanan, 01-12-2010

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