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Certification for Laboratory Management Resources

Invest in your career, your laboratory, and your future with an ASQ certification. ASQ certification is a formal recognition that you demonstrate proficiency in a selected quality field. Acquire the credentials to position yourself and your organization ahead of the competition.

Certification allows you to:

  • Achieve increased proficiency in quality management.
  • Demonstrate professional and personal accomplishment.
  • Invest in your career.

Your organization benefits from certification by:

  • Helping employees perfect and share new techniques and emerging technologies with their peers.
  • Demonstrating to regulatory bodies and customers your commitment and investment in quality operations through investment in employee development.

ASQ certifications of interest to lab professionals include:

Quality Auditor Certification — CQA
Quality Engineer Certification — CQE
Quality Inspector Certification — CQI
Calibration Technician Certification — CCT

Visit the ASQ certification page to apply for any of these examinations, as well as information on preparatory materials and training.

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Quality in Lab Management