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Week of April 21

Friday, April 25: "When you work in quality, every action you take leads the organization towards continuous improvements, including people improvements, process improvements, and system improvements. This is why working in quality is always a passion." - Wasi Asghar, assistant general manager—quality assurance, Suminter India Organics

Thursday, April 24: "If change is to occur, it must come about through hard work within the organization itself." - Gordon Lippitt

Wednesday, April 23: "In the U.S.A. about a third of what we do consists of redoing work previously 'done.'" - J.M. Juran

Tuesday, April 22: "Quality is everyone's expectation!" - Jeffrey S. Schiopota, vice president of operations, Aspire Brands

Monday, April 21: "To change is to risk something. That makes us insecure. Not to change is the bigger risk, but it seldom feels that way." - Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

Week of April 14

Friday, April 18: "No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

Thursday, April 17: "You've got to be willing to fail." - James Burke (Johnson & Johnson)

Wednesday, April 16: "The process of change (like charity) begins with the individual." - Harry Forsha

Tuesday, April 15: "Quality is the degree of excellence at an acceptable price and the control of variability at an acceptable cost." - Robert A. Broh

Monday, April 14: "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - quoted by Wayne Dyer

Week of April 7

Friday, April 11: "The only way to get people to adopt constant improvement as a way of life in doing daily business is by empowering them." - Byham and Cox

Thursday, April 10: "To desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly." - Confucius

Wednesday, April 9: "In considering quality, it is often necessary to turn your thinking upside down and to realize that quality and profit are not mutually exclusive." - Shigeru Mizuno

Tuesday, April 8: "The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage." - Arie De Geus (Royal Dutch/Shell)

Monday, April 7: "In world-class organizations, working to improve quality is not an extracurricular activity. It is a minimum requirement." - Chang, Labovitz, and Rosansky

Week of March 31

Friday, April 4: "Service is not a competitive edge, it is the competitive edge." - Albrecht and Zemke

Thursday, April 3: "Change begins at the top." - John Hradesky

Wednesday, April 2: "Is this based on real data?" - Denis Barry, senior process engineer and statistician, corporate quality, Verallia North America

Tuesday, April 1: "There's no great success without great commitment." - Anthony Robbins

Monday, March 31: "Only data can convince an unprepared mind." - Moses Thompson, quality auditor, Discovery Health South Africa

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