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The Joy of Lean

H1519-MDid you know Lean is more than just cutting waste? With The Joy of Lean, you'll learn how to cultivate a positive Lean Culture of excellence that empowers employees, creates value for customers, profitable growth for businesses, and more.

Six Sigma Forum: Breakthrough

Faced with a disappointing process yield, Asahi India Glass Co. applied the define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) method to find and resolve issues in its auto glass manufacturing process, leading to incredible results. Read how in November's Six Sigma Forum.

Lean Execution

P1611-MMany books explain how to construct a value stream map, but few explain the process conditions necessary to ensure its success. Lean Execution: The Basic Implementation Guide for Maximizing Process Performance offers the detailed guidelines, process conditions, and worksheets and helpful tips you want.

Quality Progress: Emergency Response

QP COVER NOVEMBER 2016Sometimes we focus so much on quality and zero defects that we neglect the inevitable: customer complaints. Effective action requires a swift, holistic approach. This Back to Basics four-step emergency guide in November's Quality Progress can help you get back on track quickly and efficiently.

Value Added Auditing, Third Edition

P1608-MValue Added Auditing is a process and risk-based manual for ISO management system and risk-based audits. It covers performance, operational, IT, cyber, and supply risk management assessments. Use it as your "how-to" reference for assessments such as ISO 9001, compliance and benchmarking, internal audits, supplier audits, and more.

Webcast: The Seven Wastes

This webcast explores a core principle of lean: reducing and eliminating waste. Get in-depth knowledge of the seven wastes and learn how you can reduce or eliminate them from your processes.


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Quality Classic

Six Sigma's Power to Save: TTR's Innovative DMAIC Project

In early 2004, a representative from the local energy company visited the Tata Toyo Radiators (TTR) site to investigate why energy usage had dropped dramatically over the previous months. The answer: energy reduction through Six Sigma, including a 28% reduction in energy consumption, a yearly savings of Rs 5.5 million (US $122,200), and a 42% improvement in productivity.

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