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How Delightful Is Your Audit Program?

Presentation icon In a conference presentation (members only) newly available from the ASQ Audit Division, Lance Coleman details four phases of audit program evolution: compliance seeking, compliance maintenance, risk managing and continuously improving, and achieving delightful results.

Audits: Improving Performance, Managing Risk, Driving Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

The Audit Division also seeks proposals for its 2015 conference to be held in Reno, Nevada. Learn about conference focus areas and see full submission guidelines (PDF).

Enterprise Risk Management: Seven Imperatives for Process Excellence

Enterprise Risk Management Benchmarking Report CoverThis members-only best practices report describes effective enterprise risk management program leadership and focuses on transforming an organization’s approach from a compliance-driven mind-set to one that supports strategy execution. Case studies from Rockwell Collins Inc., LEGO Group, Exxaro Resources Ltd., and Paychex Inc. are included.

The Certified Quality Improvement Associate Handbook

H1470-MASQ's Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA) certification is designed to introduce the basics of quality to organizations and individuals. Use this book as a guide in preparing to take the exam and as a foundation for further study and application of quality principles and practices worldwide.

Celebrating Teamwork

JQP v37 i3 coverAn article in the October 2014 issue of the Journal for Quality and Participation shows how the International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Process promotes the use of teams and the problem-solving criteria in a way that energizes organizations to commit to using employee participation strategies to achieve goals and sustainable success.

Read "Celebrating Teamwork" (PDF) and find more articles on teamwork and collaboration in the October 2014 issue.

The New ANSI/ASQ E4:2014 QMS Standard

Energy and Environmental Division Newsletter CoverIn the October 2014 edition of the Energy and Environmental Division Newsletter (Division members only), Gary L. Johnson presents an overview of the new revision of the E4 standard, the American National Standard presenting requirements for quality management systems for environmental programs.

Integrating SR With Business Strategy: A Guide for Quality Professionals

SR Integration Guide CoverThis guide introduces a step-by-step approach for applying quality skills to the social responsibility (SR) needs of organizations. It defines integrated SR, provides talking points and case studies, and maps out a process for using quality to integrate SR into organizational strategy and daily operations.

Read the flipbook version, or download a PDF.

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Methodology for Developing a Quality Plan Within a Manufacturing Company

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