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Statisticians as Innovation Leaders 

Quality Engineering coverIn the April issue of Quality Engineering, authors Kymm Hockman and Willis Jensen share examples of how statisticians have successfully facilitated and led innovation projects that have generated business.

Webcast: Document Control System Compliance

Stephanie L. Skipper, the author of How to Establish a Document Control System for Compliance, walks us through the foundational concepts of document control and compliance with FDA and ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

ISO: Risk Based Thinking (2016 Edition)

P1604-MLearn what Risk Based Thinking really means and, most importantly understand what you need to do to adopt risk based thinking.

Case Study: Better Flow, Better Service 

SSv15i4In the August 2016 issue of Six Sigma Forum Magazine, authors Beth Kroft and Diane Murphy outline how Deaconess Hospital revamped its meal-delivery workflow with Six Sigma and lean. 

The Memory Jogger ISO 9001:2015

P1603-MThis pocket guide offers an overview of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the registration process, and fundamentals of the process approach to auditing.

The Beauty of 5 Whys Problem Solving

5WhysCSDforKCASQ Fellow John Casey covers the foundational aspects of the 5 whys approach to problem solving in an article for the summer 2016 issue of The Partnership News, a member-benefit publication of the Customer-Supplier Division.

Integrating Cybersecurity and Automotive SPICE: A Layer Model 

SQP cover v17 i1In the September 2016 issue of Software Quality Professional, authors of previous SQP articles aimed at the integration of ASPICE and functional safety suggest methods to integrate cybersecurity considerations as well.

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"Plans are nothing. Planning is everything." - Dwight Eisenhower

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Quality Classic

Socio-Technical Analysis as a Religion

This 1992 article from the Journal for Quality and Participation explores the beliefs and values of socio-technical systems (STS) and self-managing teams.

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