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ASQ TV: Employee Engagement

ASQ TVThis ASQ TV episode discusses the importance of having engaged employees to boost initiative and creativity in the workplace, which ultimately leads to breakthrough performance.

The Art of Integrating Strategic Planning, Process Metrics, Risk Mitigation and Auditing Webcast

JB SmithIn this members-only webcast, author Janet B. Smith introduces the art of integrating systems and auditing to position internal auditing as a feedback mechanism.

Building the Fit Organization

P1598-MIn this book, author Daniel Markovitz explains the process of making lean as intrinsic to your company as the pursuit of profits, including how to commit to increasing the value provided by doing the right work in the right way.

A View from the Q: Employee Engagement Roundtable

In this month's roundtable blog, ASQ Influential Voices bloggers tackle employee engagement, explaining how they believe companies should approach engaging their employees.

Systems Management to Launch the Next Era of Quality

SystemsGov DivisionIn this article from the ASQ Government Division, author Richard E. Mallory explains his call for a renewed focus on "systems science" and the importance of a systems management standard.

Document Control System Compliance Webcast

Stephanie L. SkipperIn this webcast, ASQ author and compliance expert Stephanie L. Skipper walks us through the foundational concepts of document control and compliance with FDA and ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Buy Skipper's book.

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"Between knowledge of what really exists and ignorance of what does not exist lies the domain of opinion. It is more obscure than knowledge, but clearer than ignorance." - Plato

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ASQ/ANSI/ISO 9001:2015: Quality management systems - Requirements (standard)

Quality Classic

Socio-Technical Analysis as a Religion

This 1992 article from the Journal for Quality and Participation explores the beliefs and values of socio-technical systems (STS) and self-managing teams.

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