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Why We Don't Become the Person We Want to Be

JQPv38i1 coverIn this Journal for Quality and Participation article (PDF, open access), author Marshall Goldsmith explains that while recognizing and resolving workplace obstacles that impede success are everyday considerations, so too are the hindrances associated with our personal practices. Click here to subscribe to JQP.

ASQ Chemical and Process Industries Division Newsletter - Spring 2015

In the current newsletter, learn about a special award the division recently received, how to register for the upcoming Fall Technical Conference, and a call for nominations for elected positions.

Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence

P1569-MConnectional Intelligence is the ability to combine knowledge, ambition, and human capital. Get Big Things Done explains how the world's movers and shakers use Connectional Intelligence to achieve goals.

ASQ Government Division News - Spring 2015

Gov Division News Transparency ImageIn this Spring edition, learn the latest from ASQ Government Division Chair John Baranzelli, tales of recent public sector Baldrige Award recipients, how transparency can help governments continuously improve, and more.

The Case Against Normal Plots of Effects

JQTv47i2 coverThis Journal for Quality Technology article, The Case Against Normal Plots of Effects (PDF, open access), discusses the ways in which normal or half-normal plots of the effects analyzed in an unreplicated experiment can be confusing and misleading. Click here to subscribe to JQT.

Integrated Management Systems

H1474-MNew from Quality Press, Integrated Management Systems (IMS) explains how instituting an IMS saves money, increases efficiency, and avoids process duplication when otherwise implementing ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or others as stand-alone systems.

Standards Connection

As the ISO 9001 standard revision date approaches, sign up for Standards Connection, a new monthly ASQ e-newsletter providing revision updates, exclusive videos, and more. View the first edition and then click here to sign up for the newsletter.

Tackling Complex Problems - Quality for Life Video

Ron Lear 2015 Q4LIn this Quality for Life video, ASQ member Ron Lear explains how his company helps organizations tackle complex problems using sophisticated quality methods.

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Quality Classic

Business Management and Quality Cost: The Japanese View (PDF)

In this 1985 article from Quality Progress, Hitoshi Kume explains that, from a management perspective, quality economics is more important than quality cost.

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