Look for Trouble

Abstract:Organizational excellence depends on people, but human error remains a persistent problem. Most of what people do throughout the day follows a pattern of recognition, selection, and action, with very little conscious thought, leaving the mind free for more meaningful processes. This thought process results in a natural vulnerability that often leads to error of execution. The presence of risk influencing factors (RIF) increases the likelihood that error will occur. Human error may be due to the influence of stress, but structural RIFs can also be implicated in error. RIFs differ from stressors by being relatively permanent and objectively measurable influences. RIFs need to be identified if error is to be avoided. For many RIFS, the kinds of good practices needed to address them are readily available. An error risk assessment process developed in the UK provides a way of determining an organization's vulnerability to error, whether actions being taken are likely to succeed, and how realistic …

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This is a good article. Safety is no accident. We really need to take care of our people, coupled with paying attention to the right quality processes, standards and customer satisfaction.
--BUDS M. FERNANDO, 09-08-2011

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