A Second Look at 5S

Abstract:While Six Sigma has largely replaced 5S (lean), that doesn't mean that 5S doesn't have the potential to deliver benefits beyond cleaning up the shop floor. 5S is an idea that can change the perception of the workplace and provide a foundation for all improvement. Launching a 5S lifestyle is similar to launching any other lifestyle change in that it requires learning new things, persistent effort, and acting in new ways. Five activities are suggested to help facilitate initial 5S projects to ensure they are seen as the launch of a lifestyle, rather than as a step in a project. Properly launched, 5S can help improve communication between the shop floor and support departments, reduce injuries, downtime, defects, lead times, and associated production …

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Some people are confused with 5S, "it's only a clean thing" they say. Through the time 5S core/spirit vanished sometimes, bad translations contribute to it I think. My students and I read your article every Introduction to Quality course, for a clear understanding. Thanks a lot.
--Julio Balderas, 03-27-2016

I just discovered this article and now can put a name to the practices I've implemented with past employers. It was enlightening to correlate my lifestyle and way of thinking with an actual, documented practice.
--John P. Zastowney, 03-17-2011

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