A Systematic Approach to the Analysis of Means, Part I. Analysis of Treatment Effects

Journal of Quality Technology vol. 5 issue 3 - July 1973

Abstract: The analysis of means is a method for the graphical analysis of the means resulting from a designed experiment. The basic procedure was developed by Dr. E.R. Ott of Rutgers University. This series is an extension of the Ott procedure in that: Part I provides an algorithm to simplify application of analysis of means, it extends the analysis from the present crossed-fixed effects designs to other forms such as balanced incomplete blocks, and it discusses the role of random factors; Part II will extend the method to linear contrasts with applications to 2p experiments; and Part III will discuss the analysis of attributes data and extend application of analysis of means-type procedures to non-normal distributions.

Parts II and III appear in Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 5, No. 4, OCTOBER 1973, pp. 147-159, QICID 5145.

Keywords: Algorithm - Nested experiments - Design - Graphical methods - Analysis Of Means (ANOM)

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