Quality Assurance of Automated Data Processing Systems (ADPS): Part II. Development of a Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

Journal of Quality Technology vol. 4 issue 3 - July 1972

Abstract: The effectiveness of an Automated Data Processing System depends on the quality of hardware, software and operating personnel. The application of rigorous quality assurance procedures to the development and production of computer hardware has generally resulted in hardware of acceptable quality. Operating personnel quality depends in part on software quality, but software development has never been subjected to formal quality assurance procedures. The main weakness of available ADPS systems today, this deficiency should be corrected if the growing effectiveness of computer applications is to continue. This paper derives the elements of a quality assurance program for ADPS developments based on similarity to hardware development procedures. Part I of this paper, "Development of Specification Requirements," was published in the April 1972 issue.

Keywords: Software quality

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