Theme and Focus Areas

Quality Expanded:
In the profession, through the organization, and around the world

The benefit of applying quality to improve processes and products is well documented, but what influence can quality have on the culture of an organization and how can it best help with challenges such as mitigating risk and managing change? The application of quality practices has long since expanded from its manufacturing roots, and in a similar way the “quality role” is expanding as well. No longer is the quality function limited to a narrow role or separate department. Instead, it is being expanded throughout organizations to reach all aspects of the business. This gives opportunity for the quality professional to do more and take on new roles. It also gives opportunity for the concepts and tools used by quality professionals to be leveraged across the organization to help all employees drive improvements. The globalization of the marketplace and changing technology only accelerate the opportunities for quality professionals and the need to expand the practices of quality in new and innovative ways.

Focus Areas

  • Building and Sustaining a Culture of Quality
    • Leading at all levels of the organization
    • Getting stakeholder, management, and executive buy-in
    • Performance validation
    • Innovation
  • Quality Fundamentals
    • Practical application and technical implementation of quality tools, methodologies, and techniques
    • The power and impact received through the use of basic quality tools
    • New applications of basic quality tools
    • Producing results
  • The Quality Profession (Today and Tomorrow)
    • Expanding the scope of the quality role
    • Using quality tools, methodologies, and techniques across the organization
    • Overcoming barriers
  • Leadership Risk and Change
    • Managing risk; innovative approaches to mitigate risk
    • Resistance to change; approaches to shorten the change curve to move from resistance to improvement
    • Data-driven decision making; moving data to action and action to results
  • Customer Experience
    • How quality practices can and are being used to improve customer satisfaction
    • A quality approach to identifying, collecting, analyzing, and leveraging voice of the customer
    • Using quality tools to identify and satisfy customer needs and to understand the customer better



2016 World Conference on
Quality and Improvement
May 16 – 18, 2016  |  Milwaukee, WI