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Why ASQ?

ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better. ASQ: The Global Voice of Quality.

Grow a Quality Culture

Quality Resources and Books & Standards

Accelerate growth and performance in the organization.

A successful culture of quality starts with a common language that an organization uses to talk about meeting the needs of its customers to ensure their satisfaction. A strong culture of quality is a key component to an organization's success.
  • Widest selection of quality-related books in Books & Standards
  • 30,000+ items, including case studies, research, and scholarly journals, in the Quality Resources

Enhance business performance through quality training courses.

ASQ courses are created by professional developers, then peer reviewed by subject matter experts to achieve the highest level of accuracy and relevance. They are taught by industry experts with an average of 25 years of professional and teaching experience.
  • Accommodates various learning styles
  • Available in various formats, including classroom, virtual, and self-paced training
  • Courses for all skill levels, from New to Quality to Quality Professionals


Promote employees to be internationally recognized as a subject matter expert.

A professional certification offers tangible benefits to both the employee and the employer. It is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge. To the employer it provides:
  • Demonstration of employee proficiency via validation of skills by a third-party organization
  • Investment in future quality operations and sharing of new knowledge in the workplace
  • Objective indicator of organizational excellence

Get feedback and recognition, and develop employee leadership skills as quality professionals.

ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award is the world’s premier team recognition program—awarding achievements in improved performance in businesses of all sizes.

Emerging Quality Leaders is a unique 12-month program that brings together individuals identified by their performance and passion for continuous improvement, development, and change for a practical learning experience like no other.

Special Offers


Request a complimentary Needs Assessment.

Tell us what quality-driven goals your organization is seeking to achieve. We’ll assess your unique challenges and offer flexible and proven solutions to help you get there quickly and systematically. There are no company size or budget restrictions; simply call 800-248-1946 ext. 7988 or email sales@asq.org.

Professional Connections and Community


ASQ joins you with a diverse, global network of resources and experts.

These are the people who understand what you do and how you do it. ASQ communities help you connect with members and other quality professionals in your geographic area, your industry, or with your interests.
  • Geographic communities provide the convenience of physical and virtual networking and professional development based on your location
  • Topic and industry-specific communities are formed based on member interests
  • Online communities provide expanded networking and learning opportunities no matter what your location, industry, or topic interests may be

ASQ is your key to access conferences and events only available to members.

Attend and connect with other quality professionals at a variety of events or conferences each year.
  • World Conference on Quality and Improvement
  • Lean and Six Sigma Conference
  • International Conference on Quality Standards
Online Communities

ASQ’s online communities provide expanded networking and learning opportunities.

Online communities provide expanded networking and learning opportunities no matter what your location, industry, or topic interests may be. Members can create new communities to generate new discussions and connections. Anyone can join online communities to reach a broader audience of quality professionals and practitioners — anytime, anywhere.

Organizational Memberships


Receive the resources you need to concentrate on product, service, and experiential quality.

Regardless of industry, ASQ organizational membership encourages the learning and implementation of quality methodologies that ensure a strong supply chain, enhance customer experience and help organizations reach their triple bottom-line goals. No matter which level you choose, the benefits to your organization and employees are invaluable.

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