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Letter From AQP’s President

Dear AQP Member,

Greetings! I am pleased and excited to share with you some exciting developments in membership that we’ve been anticipating since our alliance with ASQ last year.

A tremendous amount of work has been done to seek a membership model that will achieve synergy and integration between ASQ and AQP members. This work has culminated with ASQ board approval of a new Living Community Model for members of ASQ and AQP. This model offers a variety of new and enhanced member types and benefits, opening doors to all who care about quality and its practice in our world.

AQP and the Teamwork and Participation Forum
AQP’s traditional areas of interest, which we frequently refer to as the “people side of quality,” will find a home in the new Teamwork and Participation Forum. This forum will provide the leadership and direction for what AQP has been doing for years…bringing people together to share knowledge around teams, change management, and facilitation. Through our ASQ alliance and your involvement, we now have the resources and approaches to codify and expand the AQP Body of Knowledge like never before.

The International Team Excellence Award Competition
I’m sure you will be pleased to know that our highly valued Team Excellence Award Compet-ition lives on as well. The competition is now an integral part of ASQ’s Annual Quality Congress (AQC). During this year’s AQC in Toronto, approximately 27 corporate teams will compete for the ultimate teamwork recognition. Information about and learnings from team competitions new and old will be featured through the Teamwork and Participation Forum.

And There’s More…
Your membership choices don’t end with the Forums. You can expand your membership by joining ASQ as either an Associate or Regular member—both offering extended access to information, education, and networking opportunities.

I hope you see the same power and potential that I do in this new Living Community Model and decide, like me, to be part of this! In the coming weeks, you will receive further communications regarding the new membership offerings. I encourage you to join me in this important journey.

Best personal regards,
Robert J. Scanlon
AQP President

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