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Resources for Success
Information of interest related to managing change, employee involvement and teams, leadership,
education and training, quality principles and practices, and human resource management.

Check out our top picks to determine which articles from other publications you should read in their entirety.

Title: “Still Angry After All These Years”
Fast Company, October 2003
Jennifer Reingold

Description: Many of the New Economy tenets Tom Peters espoused have fallen by the wayside. But this most famous of management thinkers wants you to know he remains riled—and relevant.

Title: “Recession Survivors: Training to the Rescue”
Magazine: T+D, October 2003
Author: Chris Taylor

Description: How companies handle training and development programs in a recession can make a huge difference in their ability to survive and prosper.

Title: “Top-Notch Recruiting Practices”
Magazine: Employment Management Today, Summer 2003
Author: Carla Joinson

Description: A hiring lull is a good time to focus on what the organization can be doing better to find and keep top talent.

Title: “Ethics, Auditing and Enron”
Magazine: Quality Progress, October 2003
Authors: Dennis Arter and J.P. Russell

Description: Since the Enron scandal broke, the integrity of the auditing profession has been called into question. Do quality auditors face similar ethical dilemmas? Most definitely.

Not sure what current books are worth your investment? News for a Change recommends that you read the following recent releases and consider adding them to your bookshelf for future reference.

Title: Absolute Impact: The Drive for Personal Leadership
Author: Matthew May
Publisher: Peloton Publishing
ISBN Number: 0-9729794-0-9
Format/Length: Softcover, 273 pages
Price: $17.95

Description: Four unique characters conduct an entertaining dialogue to demonstrate distinctively different perspectives on the challenges of personal leadership at work and throughout life.

Title: Making Change Work: Practical Tools for Overcoming
Human Resistance to Change
Author: Brien Palmer
Publisher: Quality Press
ISBN Number: 0-87389-611-4
Format/Length: Softcover, 104 pages
Price: $24.00

Description: This book helps organizations prepare for and successfully implement change, providing tools to measure readiness to change and gain acceptance of change throughout the organization.

Title: The Conflict and Communication Activity Book
Authors: Bill Withers and Keami D. Lewis
Publisher: Amacom
ISBN Number: 0-8144-7167-6
Format/Length: Softcover, 283 pages
Price: $34.95

Description: This book contains 30 proven, high-impact exercises that help groups address conflict through healthy, productive communication.

Bookmark the following sites to provide ready access to up-to-date information that can improve your organization’s performance, as well as your personal performance.

Sponsor: Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits

Description: The “Free Management Library” includes original material, as well as links to the best nonprofit resources on the Internet. It is a free community resource intended for users across the world. The scope of topics available through this Web site is truly amazing and includes many areas related to quality and participation. Most of the information is equally applicable to for-profit organizations.

Sponsor: Center for Leadership and Change Management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Description: This Web site provides access to a variety of articles, as well as business case studies and other information from the Center, which is dedicated to building a basic and practical understanding of leadership and change.

Sponsor: Employment Policy Foundation (EPF)

Description: The Employment Policy Foundation (EPF) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research and educational foundation based in Washington, DC, focused on workplace trends and policies. This site includes research reports on a wide range of workplace issues.

Looking for the best conference to attend this year? Here are some possibilities that might meet your needs.

Conference: Quality Institute for Health Care
Sponsors: American Society for Quality (ASQ), American Hospital Association, and American Society for Healthcare Risk Management
Dates: January 26-28, 2004
Location: Chicago, IL
Price: $995 for nonmembers (member and group discounts available)

Description: The Quality Institute for Health Care will introduce the health care community to the tools and systems thinking that drove the quality improvement of America’s manufacturing economy.

Conference: 2004 Six Sigma Conference
Sponsors: American Society for Quality (ASQ)
Dates: February 2-3, 2004
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Price: $995 prior to December 19, 2003 (member and group discounts available)

Description: ASQ’s fourth Six Sigma Conference includes a powerhouse of case studies, from a full spectrum of reference points, industries, and organizations.

Conference: Training and Online Learning Conference and Expo
Sponsor: Training magazine
Dates: March 1-3, 2004
Location: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
Price: $895 prior to January 9, 2004 (group discounts available)

Description: This year’s theme is “Strategies and Technologies for Improving Learning and Performance,” and sessions will cover training, online learning, and presentation themes.

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