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Words From Managing Director, Bill Miller

AQP is at an exciting stage in its history. There is great interest in the AQP Body of Knowledge. In addition, AQP is developing a new vision to reinvent itself to better serve you and your profession. AQP is operated on a fiscal year, ending June 30, 2003. We have been reorganizing to serve you better since January 2003.

State of AQP
AQP is now in the middle of its first full fiscal year since associating with ASQ, and we see many encouraging signs. Several AQP products are in great demand by corporate America. We held many public courses this fiscal year, and attendance at them has been encouraging. Our “In-House/On-Site” courses have been taken to organizations nationwide, exceeding our expectations. The number of sponsorships and exhibits at the 25th Annual Conference also increased this year.

AQP is a membership association. AQP had more than 600 new members join this past year, but we need more; therefore, we will be increasing our marketing and member services this spring. Please let us know of your associates and friends who can benefit from AQP, and we will contact them; you also can refer them to the AQP Web site at .

The staff at AQP is very dedicated to our members. We have three staff departments: administration, education, and membership. Our affiliate, ASQ, handles our customer service through their very professional center and does a fine job.

AQP staff currently is seeking input and planning advice from our seven standing committees. The AQP board now comprises 11 members, led by Michael Glowacki, president, and it has become a strategic leadership group with many new approaches planned for our association’s future success.

New Vision for AQP
Since the 1990s, all organizations, especially associations, have realized they need to change to meet the new needs of their members. The board and staff have been working with the Vision Team, led by Perry Payne, which completed its initial Vision Strategic Plan in January. Additionally, this winter almost 700 organizational leaders participated in a survey, the Leader Vision Survey,
regarding their needs in changing times.

The results and the plan are now being analyzed and developed further by the Vision Stakeholder Group, whose work will continue this spring. In April and May, the staff and committees will set priorities for the Vision Plan, and new member services will be launched this summer and fall.

Your Help is Requested
AQP is seeking members who wish to contribute and be part of the new exciting future. Members are encouraged to submit articles for The Journal for Quality and Participation, News for a Change, or our monthly e-mail, InBox.

Or, perhaps you have an interest in serving on one of our committees. Our AQP Web site at shows ways you can let us know your areas of interest.

Thank You for Your Belief in AQP!
This spring and fall will be very exciting for AQP as we begin to offer new products and services and to improve your opportunity to grow your career and that of your colleagues through AQP. Thank you for allowing us, your AQP staff, to serve you.

Bill Miller

BILL F. MILLER joined AQP in January 2002, bringing more than 20 years’
experience in member-driven associations. His extensive experience began
in convention and visitors bureaus—associations serving as sales and marketing offices for their cities. Miller then became president of the Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau. Most recently, he served as executive vice president for the Building Owners and Managers Association in Orange County, CA. He also has served as public affairs officer for the USNR and USAF.
Miller is a certified association executive (CAE). He is a daily jogger, father of two college students, and an active member of several civic organizations. He can be reached via e-mail at or by calling 800-388-7393.

Team Competition Testimonial

The Boeing Company’s C-17 Program has been on a journey to involve our employees since 1996. The Employee Involvement Organization was formally chartered that year with the goal of empowering our work force and building a culture of high-performance teaming through training, assessments, and partnerships. As a result of our dedication to meeting this goal, the California Team Excellence Award and AQP’s National Team Excellence Award process are two of several approaches we’ve used to validate our successes since our journey started.

Our organization is entering its fourth year in this competition, and we are thrilled we finally made it to the national competition! In fact, the C-17 Program has over 45 employees, from airplane mechanics to the vice president of the C-17 Program, attending the AQP conference to cheer on and support our three teams competing for the National Team Excellence title.

From a project manager’s perspective, I believe that our organization will continue with the team application year after year because of the volume of successes our teams have on our program. It’s one way we can demonstrate our commitment to continuous quality improvement; quality is a journey, not a destination. We are proud to be able to share those successes with you, and with the rest of the industry!

Cathy Tran
Quality Journey Project Manager

Member-Get-a-Member Winner

Mark Stadtmueller is the winner of AQP’s recent “Member-Get-a-Member” competition. In addition to joining AQP himself, he sponsored four other new members during the membership drive between December 9, 2002, and January 31, 2003.

Stadtmueller serves as a team coordinator for Oshkosh Truck Corporation in Oshkosh, WI. When asked why he had chosen to join AQP, he mentioned three benefits as his primary reasons:

  • “This organization has benefited me through the years. Through this membership I like to think I’ve kept up on what’s new and upcoming.
  • “By attending this convention I hope to learn new things and get ideas to further develop my skills as a team coordinator.
  • “Interaction—the networking not only gives me energy to bring to the workplace, but I also enjoy the opportunities to develop relationships with like-minded people.”

Stadtmueller won a free registration (valued at $870) to the 25th Annual Conference in New Orleans for his recruitment efforts. He said, “It’s been a while since my last visit to the convention. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and sharing ideas. I really believe that the investment made here for me to attend this convention will teach me and some of my fellow workers the real benefits of collectively working together to achieve a goal that will benefit us all.”

Even though the competition is over now, AQP relies on its members to spread the word about the benefits of belonging to the association. As we build our membership, we expand the knowledge and experience base that is available for interchange and learning. AQP applications are available online at, and they include a place to enter the name and membership number of the sponsoring member.

Topline Results From 25th Annual Conference

AQP’s 2003 annual conference, Jazz-Up Your Organization’s Performance Through Teamwork, Quality, and Integrity, was held in New Orleans February 24-26. The keynote speaker at the opening session was Herman Cain, who discussed why “Leadership is Common Sense.” Cain is chairman of Godfather’s Pizza, Inc., and has authored three books: CEO of Self, You’re in Charge; Speak As a Leader; and Leadership is Common Sense.

Coach Herman Boone and Coach Bill Yoast spoke on “Teamwork, Leadership, and Diversity” during the final day’s keynote address. These real-life heroes’ story inspired the hit movie, “Remember the Titans.”

One of the most exciting aspects of each AQP annual conference is the National Team Excellence Award Competition. Since 1985, 660 teams from the United States, Canada, and Mexico have participated in this competition. Companies and organizations of all sizes and structures enter teams that excel in their ability to solve problems in a collaborative manner. This year, 25 of the 26 qualifying teams participated in the live competition.

Although the presentations of all the finalists were outstanding, three teams earned the highest scores from the judges:

  • The Gold winner was the “Incoming Customer Correspondence Process Improvement Team” from Fidelity Wide Processing, Hebron, KY.
  • The “Ramp Team” from The Boeing Company, Long Beach, CA, was named the Silver winner.
  • Another team from The Boeing Company, Long Beach, CA, the “Shim Cell Team,” was the Bronze winner.

Two other awards were presented during the conference. Jennifer Powell, AQP past president, who serves as chief of staff to a regional vice president of customer service at Aetna, Inc., received the prestigious President’s Leadership Award. AQP’s Judy Gibson Volunteer Award was given to Dr. Robert Finkelmeier, academic director, New Ventures of Regis University, Arvada, CO.

More information on the annual conference, including feedback from the teams involved in the National Team Excellence Award Competition, will appear in the May issue of News for a Change.

AQP Begins Reorganizing for Future

In 2001, AQP affiliated with ASQ with the intent of building a strong collaboration that would benefit members of both associations. Since that time, numerous assessments of AQP’s marketplace, products and services, processes, and strengths and opportunities for improvement have been conducted.

In addition to restructuring its board of directors, now under the direction of President Michael Glowacki, a special team began working last fall to develop a new vision, mission, and scope for AQP. Initial recommendations are currently under review, and board action is scheduled for May 2003. Committees and staff members will develop aligned strategic and tactical plans during the spring and summer of 2003.

One of the outcomes of these efforts involves AQP’s decision to suspend its current chapter structure until a new community-oriented structure can be designed that aligns with the association’s future vision and strategies. AQP’s managing director, Bill Miller, said, “AQP values its chapters and their leadership. For more than 20 years, dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly at the local level. Chapters have accomplished remarkable things in the fields of quality and participation. Unfortunately, with our current limited staff resources, we are unable to provide the support that the chapter approach requires to succeed. As we work diligently to build membership, improve our products and services, and strengthen our position in the marketplace, we intend to identify the best solution for supporting local member networks and their efforts.”

Members of AQP’s board have contacted leaders of the current active and inactive chapters, and they have begun the steps necessary to support this restructuring. News for a Change will continue to provide updates as AQP moves to its exciting and stronger future.

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