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December 2002 News for a Change—Home Page

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AQP Update

AQP has announced the new members of its restructured board of directors, as follows:

  • President—Michael Glowacki, Elkay Manufacturing Company.
  • Vice President—Robert Scanlon, Transportation Security Administration.
  • Treasurer—Thom Schamberger, Premier, Inc.
  • Secretary—Bill Miller, CAE, AQP.
  • Members—Paul Borawski, CAE, ASQ; Maryann Brennan, Brennan Worldwide; Jillian Bromstead, Grant/Riverside Methodist Hospitals; Richard Carpenter, SRC Consultants; Debbie J. Collard, The Boeing Company, Military Aerospace; Jerry Mairani, Upward Performance; Jerry Massegee, The NORDRAM Group; and Gail Saylor, DST Output.
  • Directors Emeritus: Jeff Beardsley, Bearsley & Associates, and Donald Dewar, QCI International.

The board intends to meet three times each year with conference calls on alternate months. It will focus on strategic and visionary issues.

Seven standing committees were established at the first board meeting. They will address the following areas: leadership, membership, education, annual conference, team competition, marketing, and publications policy.

A special AQP vision team began working this fall to develop a new vision, mission, and scope for the association. Initial recommendations will be available this spring, and board action is scheduled for May 2003. Committees and staff members will develop aligned strategic and tactical plans during the spring and summer of 2003.

One component of the Vision Team’s work will involve a survey on the future needs of leaders and their organizations that will be conducted in the near future. Other resources, such as research conducted by other associations, also will be used as part of the process.

AQP’s “Member Get a Member” recruitment campaign now has a special program for individuals who successfully bring new members into the association’s family. Current members who recruit new members between December 9, 2002, and January 31, 2003, will be automatically entered in a drawing to win a free registration (valued at $870) at the 25th Annual Conference in New Orleans. AQP applications are available online at, and they include a place to enter the name and membership number of the sponsoring member.

Organizations that are entering teams in the national competition can become AQP site members for only $1,000. This membership entitles each of the organization’s staff members to attend the 25th Annual Conference at a discounted rate. More information is available by calling 513-381-1979.
AQP’s public education programs for the first quarter of 2003 include courses on the following topics: facilitating teams and groups, advanced facilitation skills, and conducting a Baldrige assessment. A variety of In-House/On-Site training programs also are available by contacting Lisa Ohmer at 800- 733-3310.

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