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Significant Historical Events That Changed Our World

1950s Through 1970s

1953: Modern civil rights movement
Salk polio vaccine
DNA structure

1957: U.S. phases in Vietnam War

1963: President John F. Kennedy assassinated

1964: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wins Nobel Peace Prize

1969: The Internet is introduced
Astronaut Neil Armstrong walks on the moon

1974: Oil embargo initiated
President Richard M. Nixon resigns

1979: Iranian hostage crisis


1981: AT&T breakup begins

1982: Desktop computers and spreadsheet applications hit the office
NASA shuttle launched

1983: NUMMI begins

1985: Macintosh and desktop publishing hit the market
Wal-Mart begins to expand

1986: Space shuttle Challenger crashes

1987: “Black Monday” marks highest percent crash (up to this point) in market history (22.6%)

1989: Berlin Wall comes down
Savings and loan bailout begins


1990: The USSR dissolves

1990-99: The genome project advances

1991: NAFTA approved
Apartheid ends

1992: The European Union is formed

1995: The World Wide Web makes its debut

1997: Intranets take hold
Full employment in United States

Late 1990s: E-commerce takes off

1999: Dolly, the sheep, is cloned


2000: Dot-coms implode

2001: World Trade Center destroyed
War on terrorism begins



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