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From Our Perspective


From the News for a Change newsroom…

DH: Our last two issues have focused on the future.

JR: We’ve looked into what’s happening with quality and teams, as well as how our roles are expected to change.

DH: Last month we also asked a panel of experts to test some hypotheses about past and future trends in the field. We’ll be looking at their remaining opinions on our speculations this month.

JR: We explored how AQP members can prepare for the future, growing professionally and improving their organizations.

DH: In fact, we concluded that it’s more important to prepare for the future than to waste time trying to predict it.

JR: That’s right, and in our last issue, we delved into ways that a Baldrige assessment can help us evaluate our current state and identify changes that will help us be better prepared.

DH: In this issue, we’re going to take one last look at the future.

JR: We’ll also be considering how events of the past year have changed us and how those changes are likely to change our future.

DH: Yes, we’re approaching September 11 and we’ve gathered input from a variety of people on how their lives have changed since last year’s tragic events.

JR: When situations like this occur, it’s wise to compare our initial reactions to the perspectives we develop after time passes. It’s also wise to ask what we’ve learned from our experiences and how we can apply what we’ve learned in the future.

DH: As with any change, we move past the stages of shock, denial, grief, and other strong emotions.

JR: We start to come to grips with our new reality, experimenting with ways to adjust to and succeed in the changed world that surrounds us.

DH: It’s not that we lose sight of the past.

JR: No, the past remains with us forever, giving us a baseline for comparison.

DH: But the past doesn’t keep us from moving forward. In fact, many of our greatest accomplishments have come in response to crises—times when we’ve banded together, pooled our resources, supported each other emotionally, and brought incredible energy and creativity to solving our problems.

JR: We learn from the ways we react and respond to trying times.

DH: We become more capable of dealing with adversity in the future.

JR: We develop the ability to honor the past without clinging to it.

DH: We develop an inner fortitude that gives us the spirit to face the future—no matter what it holds.

JR: And that’s News for a Change.


Quote for the Month:
Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
—James Baldwin


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