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From Our Perspective


From the newsroom…

JR: It sure was a great experience to work on the July issue of News for a Change. I’m looking forward to presenting the second installment of our panel interviews this month. We’ll be sharing the panelists’ perspectives on how we need to prepare for future role changes and organizational challenges. I’m sure all of the readers have experienced these problems to some degree.

DH: Yes, most organizations in the United States are redefining the way they address quality and people management. Hopefully, the insights from the panel will help AQP members be ready for these changes.

JR: I’m sure they will. Plus, our focus on the Baldrige criteria in this issue should prove useful for readers whose organizations are experiencing turmoil and change.

DH: In what way?

JR: In times of change, it’s often difficult to keep track of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

DH: That’s true. Sometimes all we can sense is the turmoil around us. When we look back after the change, we’re not always sure what we’ve accomplished.

JR: Well, Baldrige gives us a framework for comparison. We can assess our performance levels before we launch the change effort. When we’ve implemented the changes, we can evaluate our new performance levels.

DH: That sure takes the guesswork out of things, doesn’t it?

JR: It sure does! We end up with a clear picture of our progress, and we know where we need to do some more work. But, the Baldrige can help us do much more than monitor our progress.

DH: It can?

JR: Yes, we can use the Baldrige criteria to determine exactly what changes we need to undertake.

DH: How can we do that?

JR: When we conduct our initial assessment, we can identify which key organizational requirements aren’t being met. We can consider the needs of all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, management, community/government, suppliers/partners, and stockholders. Then we can set improvement priorities based on the most significant gaps or the greatest opportunities.

DH: That gives us a way to plan change based on facts and data, rather than just reacting to events happening around us.

JR: It does, and that’s News for a Change.


Quote for the Month:
“As we enter the 21st century, the rapidly exploding global marketplace creates enormously different customer, product, service, organizational, human, and managerial demands that are redefining quality.”
—Armand V. and Donald S. Feigenbaum, 1999

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