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Issue Highlight — When the Business of Business is School
In April 2002, the Pennsylvania Governor’s Commission on Education decided to privatize a group of public schools in the city of Philadelphia. This is simply a recent example of the movement to transfer the work of the public sector into the world of profit. This memo from a 12-year-old student might be a sign of things to come.

Got an Attitude?
Fifteen Reasons to Have One Taken Straight From the Keyboard of Life

(Hint: Look at the top row on your keyboard—not F-keys if you have them—grin.)

  • Att`tude is your inner thinking. It works for you while you are sleeping.
  • Att~tude is your perspective. It is how you view the world.
  • Att!tude is your personal cheerleader. It provides the wind beneath your wings.
  • Att@tude is where you are It connects you to the world.
  • Att#tude is your substance. It anchors your life.
  • Att$tude is your value center. It sets your self-worth.
  • Att%tude is your controller. It determines your capacity and your potential.
  • Att^tude is the shelter for your soul. It protects your sense of dignity and self-esteem.
  • Att&tude is your safety chain. It pulls and protects you.
  • Att*tude is your star. It guides you.
  • Att(tude is your openness with others. It sets your comfort zone.
  • Att)tude is your boundary. It protects your personal space.
  • Att_tude is your floor. It establishes where you stand.
  • Att-tude is your space. It makes you special.
  • Att=tude is your sense of equality. It is the balance for your life.

If you don’t have an attitude, get one. You can use it.

Mitch Manning © Copyright 2002

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