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Online Edition - March 2002


Issue Highlight — Restoration
Peter Block's musing about a home restoration project serves as an excellent metaphor for issues in the cellar of our mind: “In our larger communities, we treat the inner city as a cellar that we do not want to enter....To enter this world, we would have the conversations that we have been avoiding.”

What’s Up?
A quick review of issues involving people at work in other publications

Business 2.0
March 2002

Why Should Anyone Believe You?
What ruined Enron wasn’t just accounting. It was a culture that valued appealing lies over inconvenient truths. Are you sure your company is all that different?

Is the Information Revolution Dead?
If history is a guide, it is not.

Brazen Careerist:
The Incredible Shrinking Resume

In this job market, it may pay to downplay your bona fides.

Banned Buzzword
Words, phrases, and jargon that should never be spoken ever again.

The CEO as Shock Jock
Corporate leaders are using private radio broadcasts to connect with employees. Here’s why.

Inc Magazine
February 01, 2002

Dossier: Wing Tips
Highflying James Murphy teaches the principles of aerial combat to corporate execs.

Re: How to Get Your Book Published
Think you’ve got the making of the next blockbuster business best seller? Take it from a pro: It’s not as easy as it looks.

Verdi and Me
High-tech entrepreneur Brent Habig on singing opera, and how it makes him a better manager than you are. Or at least different.

Decision Time

Improve your chances for success through better decision making.

Letter from Silicon Valley:
Zen and the Art of Management Coaching

Taking the fine art of management consulting to Japan.

Winter 2001/2002

Can Love Save the World?
Yes, but only if it’s the smart, militant, hard-edged kind of love that Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. had in mind.

Just Listen
Ours is a noisy, complicated, dangerous world of political conflicts, policy quagmires, and ethnic hatreds. Can something as simple as listening really change anything?

Something Shifted
Yes, But How?

HR Magazine
Vol. 47, No. 2

Too many square pegs in round holes?
Personality testing helps match people with the best jobs.

The Doctor Is Still In
HR’s not much involved with monitoring excessive work hours of hospital resident physicians. Maybe it should be.

Take E-Learning to the Next Step
How companies use e-learning to personalize professional development.

T+D (Training and Development - ASTD)
February 2002

Training in the Post-Terrorism Era

Helping Organizations Build Community

Especially now, a sense of community can refocus employees on work and learning.

Fast Company
March 2002

Down the Up Staircase
A British TV series invites CEOs to leave their offices, head to the front lines, and find out what’s going on at their companies.

The Trouble With Mentors
Our correspondent seeks out the counsel of great men (and women) and learns a valuable lesson: The best advice to follow is your own.

The Fast 50: Champions of Innovation
Here are 50 leaders, change agents, disrupters, trendsetters, and social entrepreneurs who are getting things done by doing things differently.

Virtually There?
Ideas need to move faster than ever. Global teams have to cooperate more closely than ever. Nonstop travel seems less appealing than ever. The solution: an ever-growing collection of tools for electronic collaboration. Can it be that when it comes to doing real work across long distances, we are virtually there?

How Intel Puts Innovation Inside
Everybody worships at the altar of innovation. But it takes a company such as Intel to distill the very essence of innovation and turn it into a set of learnable, repeatable practices.

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Making Change Stick
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Denta +: A Case Study in Exceptional Customer Experience Your Employees Know More Than You–So Listen!
Contact Center Employee Satisfaction and the Bottom Line
Funky Business and Taming Talent
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