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Issue Highlight — A Day in the Life of a Fool
- A Day in the Life of a Fool asks whether
e-government will improve government or make
it more distant from those it is supposed to
serve without actually improving efficiency, as

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    Views For A Change

Consultant Q&A


As superintendent I subscribe to the management style of working toward employee strengths.

  I prefer to reinforce what is working rather than point out everything I feel an employee is not doing correctly.
One of our principals believes that it is best to provide immediate feedback if an employee is not doing as expected.

  Our question: Is there a balance to the situation described? Any thoughts on improving employee performance through feedback?

  I’m not talking about handling problem employees. I’m talking about how we manage the average employee who tends to do some things right and other things at a mediocre level. We know if they improved in the weak areas their performance would improve so much. The question becomes, “What is the best way to move the employee toward improved performance?”

Ralph Baker
Victor Elementary School Dist.
Victorville, Ca.

Nancy Coleman Responds

John Runyan Responds

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