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Issue Highlight — Turnabout Is Fair Play
- Take a look back at one of Peter Block's best columns as he helps bridge the gap between employee and manager and offers his invaluable "Employee Manifesto."

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I work as the employee involvement coordinator for a warehousing company that provides office products to retailers. About four years ago, we developed teams in the warehouse and office. People met weekly to discuss and analyze the problems and issues in their departments. Two years ago, we solicited team leaders and facilitators to develop teams in their departments, or continue with those in place—a number of us received In-House/On-Site training and “follow-up” meetings with team leaders to provide support, networking and deal with training opportunities.

   The problem is: We are losing, or have lost, momentum. The chief complaint is that with a push to meet schedules, there isn’t enough time. Our manager is supportive and a role model for gaining employee input, providing feedback and communicating with the workforce.

   I believe some of this downshift is normal, but I am uncertain how to get things moving again. Our goal is to have these leadership qualities to empower the workforce and become a daily routine—not just a separate thing to do each day.


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